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Home lifestyle Who are Tariq Trotter's Kids? Learn all the Details of His Family Life Here

Who are Tariq Trotter's Kids? Learn all the Details of His Family Life Here

prgya Published On Tue Sep 13 2022   Modified On Tue Sep 13 2022
Who are Tariq Trotter's Kids? Learn all the Details of His Family Life Here

How Many Kids Did Tariq Trotter, Aka Black Thought, Have? Grab The Detail On His Personal Life Here!

Tariq Trotter is the former lead emcee of The Root, a Philadelphia-based hip-hop group. On the stage, he goes by the name better known as Black Thought and is widely recognized as one of the most skilled, intelligent, and prolific rappers of his time.

Talking about Tariq's origin in the music industry, he began performing on the Philadelphia streets in a duo with drummer Ahmir 'Questlove' Thompson after meeting him in 1987. He co-founded the group The Root with his pal Questlove.

After years of hustling, Tariq is now a millionaire; struggling through the late 80s, he now owns approximately $12 million net worth in 2022. Making his fortune bright, he shares a lavish lifestyle with his wife. And his fans are curious to know about his kids and the rest of his family members. So let's get to know them.

Does Tariq Trotter Have Five Children? In Short, About His Family Member!

Tariq Trotter always kept his married life private. However, he is a divorced man. After then, he then married his girlfriend, Michelle Trotter, in 2010. The couples have five kids, whereas out of five children, two are from Tariq's previous relationships, as noted by Net Worth Post.

Tariq Trotter married his girlfriend, Michelle Trotter, in 2010. They together got four kids.

Tariq Trotter and his kids.
Photo Source: GrassROOTS Community Foundation

Up to this date, the Trotter family has seven members in the house. Mr. and Mrs. Trotter together have three children, whereas two children are from Tariq's previous relationship.

Out of Trotter's four sons, two of them are twins. His youngest son is four years old, named Tariq (ph) Trotter, and his eldest son is 19 now, called Ahmir Trotter; he is a musician best at playing guitar and piano.

Tariq Trotter's wife Michelle Opal Trotter, 44, with his youngest son.

Tariq Trotter's wife, Michelle Opal Trotter, 44, 
with his youngest son.
Photo Source: ThePRMommy

Black Thought, another son after Ahmir Trotter, 19, is Benjamin Trotter, a visual artist. He learns through the University of Arts in Philly. His age is under review. 

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As per reliable sources, we can know that Tariq has one beautiful daughter. His daughter is named Saaliha Trotter, aged 13. She is involved in film and documentaries as of now.

Tariq Trotter and his daughter, Saaliha Trotter.

Tariq Trotter and his daughter, Saaliha Trotter
Photo Source: BCK Online

Tariq Trotter's daughter gets rid of some health issues most recently. So, considering his daughter's health, he newly partnered with GrassROOTS Community Foundation to promote obesity awareness in North Carolina.

The Trotter family now resides in New Jersey together. Being a top hip-hop artist, Tariq and model Michelle have raised their kids with a luxurious life, and the couple always supports each other in their ups and downs.

In Short About, From What Background Tariq Trotter Came From?

Born on October 3, 1971, Tarik Luqmaan Trotter is best recognized for his iconic looks in hip-hop history. Trotter, 49, was welcomed as the youngest son among the two to Thomas Trotter and Cassandra Trotter, both Nation of Islam members.

Born on October 3, 1971, Tarik Luqmaan Trotter is best recognized for his iconic looks in hip-hop history.

Tariq Trotter is the best hip-hop artist of the 80s.
Photo Source: Healthy Celeb

When Trotter was one, his father passed away. He was murdered, and unfortunately, when the rapper was in high school, he lost his mother to the cause. So, he spent time tagging "DT" or "Double T" with graffiti around Philadelphia. 

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While he was a child, he sold crack cocaine briefly and was sent to live with family in Detroit for a few months in high school. Then, he starts studying journalism at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts and Millersville University.

In 1987, Tarik bonded with drummer Ahmir, and they together formed a drummer/MC duo, performing on the streets of Philadelphia and at talent shows. In high school, he got interested in the lessons of the Nation of Gods and Earths.

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