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Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Net Worth in 2021

Frances Published On Wed Aug 25 2021   Modified On Wed Aug 25 2021
Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho Net Worth in 2021

What Is The Total Net Worth of Arden Cho in 2021? Click Here To Know More.

Arden Cho is famous for her role in the American supernatural teen drama series Teen Wolf. She played the recurring character, Kira, until season 3, which later became the leading role in season 4. Later on, she told the fans that she wouldn't be seen in the sixth sequel through her YouTube channel.

Born in Amarillo, Texas, on August 16, 1985, Arden Cho was raised in San Antonio and Plano, Texas, by her Korean-American parents alongside her younger brother Jason Cho. She aimed to become a lawyer as a kid but later engaged herself in many dramas and, as of today, converted it into her profession. Although she is pretty successful in showbiz, she faced racism in her early days and was even hospitalized twice due to it.

Tween Fest diva Cho is a multi-talented personality. She can be seen both in films and television series. Nowadays, she is into being a YouTuber. Talking about her channel, she has 560k subscribers who enjoy her content, most notably her singing ability. 

Chicago Med Cast Arden Cho's Net Worth as of 2021

Arden Cho is an American actress, singer, and model who is involved with the showbiz industry for quite a while now. And on today's date, her total net worth is estimated to be $2 million. As she engages herself in many sectors, one can say that she earns huge bucks from multiple sources.

Speaking about Arden Cho total net worth as of 2021, it is estimated to be $2 million.

Arden Cho is a millionaire.
Photo Source: Twitter

As mentioned earlier, Arden has a YouTube channel where she has more than 500k subscribers. On average, a YouTuber with at least 500k followers earns $3750 per month and $45,000 annually. So, to sum up, Cho adds some of the greens with her channel as well. 

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With her singing abilities, Arden successfully gathered millions of fans' attention. She mainly shows her talent as a singer by doing cover videos and some of her originals. 

Arden Cho's Income and Earnings

36-year-old Arden Cho mainly earns her income through her profession as an artist. Though she makes money through her acting skills, she also garners some as a model and adds up her enormous wealth.

Arden Cho models fro Dior, Chanel, etc.

Arden Cho is an actress and a singer too.
Photo Source: Facebook

According to Indeed, the average salary of a model in the USA is $313,113 per year. If a person surfs through the Instagram account of Arden, we can see that the actress/model is seen modeling for famous brands such as Dior, Chanel, etc. 

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In addition to being a model, Arden uses her social media accounts as a platform for famous brands advertisements and supports many make-up artists and photographers. She is also an icon who motivates others to engage in any field if one has a passion for it.  

Teen Wolf Actress Arden Cho CEO of Leonard & Church

As mentioned earlier, Arden Cho is renowned for her role Kira in the series Teen Wolf. She worked alongside Tyler Posey,Dylan O'BrienCrystal ReedShelley HennigDylan Sprayberry, and many other fantastic actors in that show. 

Beside acting, Arden Cho was into business world and she co-founded a watch brand with her friends.

Teen Wolf star Arden Cho with her friends started a watch brand Leonard & Church.
Photo Source: Instagram  

Besides acting, Arden is into business too. She with her friends co-founded NYC-based watch brand Leonard & Church. Except for being a founding member, she was active as Chief Executive Officer (full-time) in the company, as noted in her Linked In profile.

Arden Cho With Her Dog (Chewy) Talking About Leonard & Church, Collab, Giveaway, CD, Events, and Her Travel Schedule 

Unfortunately, Arden and her partners closed the shop last December 2020. When they were still open, Arden used to share photos of different hand-crafted watches from their collection. 

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