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Chase Goehring Net Worth in 2021 - All Details Here

bbk Published On Sun Aug 08 2021   Modified On Sun Aug 08 2021
Chase Goehring Net Worth in 2021 - All Details Here

Learn All The Details Of Chase Goehring's Net Worth and Earnings in 2021!

If you don't miss America's Got Talent episodes, then you know who Chase Goehring is? He is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who became the finalist in AGT season 12. 

The 25-year-old musician was able to impress almost everyone with his dashing performance on the AGT stage. With his original song A Capella, Goehring moved DJ Khaled, and following that, Grammy-nominated producer even pressed the golden buzzer for him. 

There is no doubt that Goehring is one of the best emerging singers of America. The songwriter is followed by 140K people on Instagram and by hundred of thousands on other platforms. Most of his fans might be interested in knowing his net worth. So, let's know the details in brief.

What is Chase Goehring's Net Worth in 2021?

What do you think America's Got Talent finalist would own? Has he become successful, and is Chase Goehring, a millionaire?

Chase Goehring has a net worth of $500K.

Chase Goehring has a net worth of $500K.
Photo Source: Instagram

No, Goehring is not a millionaire in 2021. According to credible reports, he holds a net worth of $500,000

Goehring collected a six-figure fortune through uploading his crafts on online platforms and doing concerts. His income from live performance might vary from the sales of tickets. 

As mentioned, America's Got Talent finalist also releases his songs on online platforms that help him boost his earnings. Goehring has made his pieces available on Spotify, where he has gained more than 35.5 million listeners. Spotify pays $4336 per million streams, so the artist has made more than $154K through it.

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The musician also operates a YouTube channel with 307K subscribers and 11 million views. Goehring has uploaded 21 videos on his channel, and it is assumed that he collects around $3,000 per year through his YouTube videos.

Goehring has a pet dog named Nova. Further, Goehring also owns a car, but the singer hasn't revealed the model and company of the vehicle.

All About Chase Goehring's Career

Chase Goehring's interest in music began from his school days. The musician started practicing guitar from YouTube and then began taking piano classes just for fun. But the fun grew into a passion, so he took music as his subject in high school.

The songwriter started writing lyrics since he was in class eight. After creating songs by himself, Goehring made the videos and posted them on social media platforms. 

Chase Goehring received golden buzzer in America's Got Talent.

Chase Goehring received a golden buzzer in America's Got Talent.
Photo Source: Reality TV World

Many people know Goehring through AGT, but many of us might not know that the singer even tried for the show X-Factor. According to The Famous People, Goehring cleared the auditions but couldn't make it to the finals.

Goehring got into the spotlight after he gave an audition on America's Got Talent in 2017. All the judges loved the singer's performance, and he got positive responses from the audience as well. The Golden Buzzer winner made his journey till the final episode of the show.

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Mirror, What Is LoveHurt, and JADED are some of the most popular songs of Goehring. The songwriter is currently working on his future projects, and let's hope he will become a renowned artist worldwide.

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