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Home net-worth David Lemanowicz Net Worth — Check Out How He Made His Money

David Lemanowicz Net Worth — Check Out How He Made His Money

Sea Published On Wed Apr 15 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 15 2020
David Lemanowicz Net Worth — Check Out How He Made His Money

Just to remind you, Jill Wagner is David Lemanowicz's second wife. His daughter, Lija, is from his marriage to his first wife, Gina, who met in college in Toronto when he was on break from his former profession.

Jill Wagner and her husband David Lemanowicz's perfect love story is obviously quite something. If you need a script for a movie, check their story out and ask them if you could use it. They're in a perfect place right now as their baby is due any moment now, especially as April's the couple's perfect month.

Romantic photo slides of Jill Wagner, husband David Lemanowicz and his daughter, Lija, from a former wife.

Yeah, they're a fun family.
Photo Source: Jill Wagner, Instagram

Born on March 8, 1976, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, David's played ice hockey ever since he can remember, although having already given up on that part of his career. And being a US Air Force member also did a number in his romantic life. On a completely different note, as a result, his net worth has been accumulating for over two decades now. But being divorced and raising a kid isn't easy without his kind of money.

Jill Wagner's Soulmate, David Lemanowicz's Net Worth Comes from Ice Hockey As Well As the Army

As of April 2020, David Lemanowicz controls a net worth of $3 million. His income sources include his entire career as an ice hockey player and then his effort in the US army. Yeah, two completely different kinds of professions.

David Lemanowicz about to blow the single candle on a cake during his birthday. Net Worth Reveal.

David Lemanowicz controls an estimated net worth of $3 million.
Photo Source: Jill Wagner, Instagram

We've discussed the story of his life already, how he leaped on from his ice hockey career, met his first wife in between and then quit hockey to join the army. That would've been the best thing he did as he got to meet Jill on the way, although he went through a divorce before starting to date the actress/host.

Clueless After 30 Left Him with No Choice but to Give Up Ice Hockey; The Earnings

David Lemanowicz's name clearly says he is of Polish heritage. In fact, his parents grew up in Poland but moved to Canada in 1973 to get away from the oppressive society in Poland back then. But he did grow up with ice hockey around, despite not growing up in a typical Canadian boy. He chose to be a goaltender.

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His first record of playing hockey goes back to 1991/92 with 'Kelowna Spartans' and played in the high school level for the next four years, specifically for Spokane Chiefs having the favorite season in the final year, 1995/96. By then, he was already drafted by #218 in round 9 of the overall 1995 NHL Entry Draft by the Florida Panthers. So he moved on to the NHL.

David Lemanowicz was part of the 1996 Chiefs team that won 50 games.

His hockey playing days were over a decade ago.
Photo Source: Instagram

When with Carolina Monarchs in the first season [1996/97], David met Jill for the first time as a 20-year-old. She was 17. He played for different teams for about three pro seasons and decided to take a 5-year "retirement" from the sport to complete his college. He went to the University of Toronto and met Gina there.

They dated for about five years and got married in 2005 before heading back to his pro hockey career again. For four years until the 2007/08 season, he continued playing for different teams, even going to Poland at one point. But despite having a stellar career for the time, he was not happy of having 45 shots at him every night (terrible defense) and was facing an impossible battle with the coach, "who backstabbed to the point I felt I was living in a bizarre world."

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It made him retire as he quit the game in its entirety that season at 32. Throughout his career, he earned quite pretty, with almost half a million every year. The other records are not available, but during the 1996-97 season with the Monarchs, he earned around $425,000 for his first pro-league. It's about $693,000 in today's money. It's safe to say he earned at least half a million as salary for each of his latter pro-seasons.

Away with the Army Might've Put a Strain on His First Marriage

After leaving hockey behind, he trained for months to get into the US Army. If you're confused about how a Canadian was able to apply for the US Army, he applied for American citizenship when he married his first wife, Gina, in 2005. He was commissioned Lt. David Lemanowicz of the US Army Reserve after nine months of training.

David Lemanowicz married his wife, Gina, a United States citizen, in 2005.

David and his first wife, Gina, were married for almost a decade.
Photo Credit: David Lemanowicz/The Spokesman-Review

The former couple also had a kid on the way. Daughter Lija was born on February 16, 2010, the child you often see on Jill's Instagram page. Then he was off traveling the world. In one of the morale-boosting entertainment courses, Jill coincidentally attended his station in Afghanistan to present at the event.

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He was still married at the time, but it was something that made him realize how great they would've been together had he not left without a sign after three dates almost 20 years ago. But that was it. They didn't know when they would meet up next.

Now Living in a Peaceful Countryside House in Tennessee

However, fate (or a psychic, whatever) has a funny way of getting two people together. He was divorced sometime after that and was visiting his daughter in Vancouver when Jill was also about to leave the city after her work in 'Christmas Cookies'. Before going out of a restaurant, she got called by David. The fortune-teller had everything right as the rest became history.

At their wedding: Jill Wagner kissing her to-be step-daughter, Lija, as she is carried by David Lemanowicz.

A fortune-teller had forecasted their meeting.
Photo Source: Jill Wagner, Instagram

So yeah, they dated since May 2016 and were engaged only two months later in July 2016. They also moved together in less than a year into dating in December 2016, with daughter Lija also living with them when he's got custody.

The house they live in is in the peaceful countryside of Tennessee. It's surrounded by farms of several animals. They announced the sale of their house, i.e., them buying the house, on Christmas 2016. They still live there today. In fact, they celebrated their third wedding anniversary in complete isolation during the worldwide lockdown.

Jill Wagner and husband David Lemanowicz with the realtor in front of their house.

Jill and her husband David still live in Tennessee, and they love it.
Photo Source: Jill Wagner, Instagram

Yes, the two married on April 8, 2017, at The Rose Hill Plantation in Nashville, North Carolina, with the horse carriage and all. And they're practicing their baby-welcoming moment as the due day comes closer and closer.

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As their love life gets even more awesome, their combined net worth is keeping him as happier as they can get. But it's not about the money. Their love story is something no one can take away from them.

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