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Home net-worth What is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters' Net Worth in 2023? Here's All Breakdown

What is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters' Net Worth in 2023? Here's All Breakdown

Jenir Published On Wed Feb 01 2023   Modified On Wed Feb 01 2023
What is Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters' Net Worth in 2023? Here's All Breakdown

Miss South Africa 2017, who has later crowned Miss Universe in the same year, Demi-Leigh Tebow has an incredible net worth of $5 million. 

Having excellent finance leads to luxurious life and this God Loving inspirational figure lives a simple yet elegant life. Let's look at Demi's wealthy life, her earnings, and what she owns. 

Earnings As Miss Universe

South African Model Tebow bagged the grand prize of $250,000 when she won the Miss Universe title in 2017. Not only that but she earned the New York City penthouse for a year including her clothing, food, and transportation which Miss Universe Organizer provides. 

The big brands endorsing the beauty pageant is another perk of being the world's biggest beauty pageant winner. We will discuss Tebow's brand endorsements below.

Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Tebow in Miss Universe Crown. Source: Facebook@missosology

Winnings As Miss South Africa

When Demi-Leigh Tebow won the crown of Miss South Africa in 2017, she won one million South African Rand in cash from different sponsors like Sun International and Cell C which was equal to $75,000 at that time. 

In the same contest, she also secured other prizes of commercial advertisement and ambassador to different companies which were worth another $150,000 during that period. 

Income From Magazine Photoshoots

After Tebow's dream come true moment winning the beauty pageant, her demand was way too high from different fashion and brand magazines. 

Demi was then featured in the world's biggest magazines like Cosmopolitan and Evie. It is expected for a Miss Universe title holder to at least bag $100,000 from these two magazines only. 

Business Partnership With David's Bridal

Tebow has partnered up with David's Bridal brand which prepares and sells customized wedding gowns and other reception accessories for upcoming brides.

David's Bridal's wedding gown was inspired by Tebow's wedding dress design and is available in its store. 

Car Collection

Demi-Leigh Tebow has multiple cars in her possession of all kinds. Currently, we know about the cars listed below. 

Nissan SUV

Tebow has a black top-range Nissan Patrol SUV at her home for family travels including her cute dog Chunky. This SUV costs a massive $120,620.

Nissan Sporty Sedan

Demi also got a red Nissan 37OZ which is actually a very sweet ride and it cost $30,000. 

Demi Leigh Tebow on her Red Nissan 37OZ Car with matching shoes. Source: Instagram of Demi Leigh Tebow.


She also owns the powerful and handcrafted Bently luxury car which has a starting value of $202,000. 

More Than Half Million Dollar Wedding Ring

When Demi's husband Tim Tebow proposed the marriage, he actually proposed to her with 7.25-carat flawless round solitaire which has a market value of up to $750,000.

Tim Tebow really showed up that NFL money.

Extravagant Reception

After the surprise of a more than half a million dollar diamond ring from Demi's husband Tim, the couple decided to get married at La Paris Estate in South Africa. 

Their lavish wedding ceremony cost almost $900,000 USD.

$3 Million House in Jacksonville

Demi's husband Tim Tebow brought a house in Jacksonville at $2.99 million in 2020. This was actually a second home for the couple in the same neighborhood.

Before this, he had bought a $1.4 million home near this house which was a bit smaller. 

Demi-Leigh Tebow's Currently Living Home in Jacksonville.Image Source: Jozi Wire

Luxury Trips All Over the World

She is having luxury trips all over the world and has also shared her top ten favorite destinations. Also, she could Afford to Stay at La Petite Ferme Franschhoek when she visits her own country South Africa which cost $500 per night.

Collaboration With Ruben Toledo Hoodie Design

Demi also collaborated with Ruben Toledo's hoodie design which she shared on her Instagram post. 

Being the beauty pageant she has always opportunity for promoting products and earnings.

Husband Tim Tebow's Net Worth

Demi-Leigh Tebow is not the only millionaire in Tebow's Clan. Her sportsman husband Tim Tebow has a net worth of $71 million which we have covered all in this article.

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