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Home net-worth James Laurinaitis Net Worth - How Rich is the Former NFL Star?

James Laurinaitis Net Worth - How Rich is the Former NFL Star?

Bran Published On Sun Sep 27 2020   Modified On Thu May 26 2022
James Laurinaitis Net Worth - How Rich is the Former NFL Star?

Know how much net worth the American football linebacker, James Laurinaitis, gathers from his highly successful career in the National Football League.

Over the last decade, James Richard Laurinaitis, aka James Laurinaitis, earned a reputation as one of the finest American football linebackers. Thanks to his promising college career at Ohio State, the 6 ft 2-inch athlete became the round two pick of the NFL side, the St. Louis Rams. In 2016, he switched to New Orleans Saints, where he concluded his playing journey.

Laurinaitis bagged several personal and collective accolades throughout his career. In fact, throughout his NFL journey of seven years, he made a total of 869 tackles and ten interceptions, which is quite impressive. The 35-year-old not just rose to fame among football fans around the world but also collected massive wealth. So, today we take you close to the former football sensation's net worth, property, and earning details.

James Laurinaitis's Net Worth

American football is certainly one of the most challenging and demanding sports globally, considering the life-threatening risk it possesses. However, once you are in it, the game does compensate for the troubles with the financial facility it provides. James Laurinaitis gathers a staggering worth of $40 million as of 2022, which is more than adequate for him to live his post-retirement life in the most lavish ways possible.

James Laurinaitis poses for a picture in a staduim.

James Laurinaitis owns a massive net worth of $40 million.
Photo Source: 247 Sports

Laurinaitis's income source was his seven vital years in the NFL, where he contributed his skills to St. Louis Rams and New Orleans Saints. According to estimates from Over the Cap, he made a total of $35.4 million of earnings throughout his professional journey. Upon getting more into the details, he bagged his largest cash payment in 2013 when he took a paycheck of $12 million home.

James Laurinaitis caught on the camera  during a game.

James Laurinaitis announced his retirement in 2016.
Photo Source: St. Louis Dispatch

In 2013, Laurinaitis - who is married to Shelly Laurinaitis - even got his hands with the largest cap number, worth $12.4 million. Following his first signing with the Rams in 2009. he renegotiated with the team to get around $4 million in his first year. Later, he extended his contract before playing for the Saints in 2016. Since his agreement was terminated through retirement, he didn't make any significant income then.

James Laurinaitis' Football Career

The only reason why James Laurinaitis is popular today is because of his active playing career at the very top level. Born in Wayzata, Minnesota, he was the son of WWE Hall of Famer Joe, aka 'Road Warrior Animal.' It very much explains James' bulky muscles and physique from a young age. When he was at Wayzata High School, he used to play high school football and hockey. He was so good at hockey that the 35-year-old was labelled as the potential first or second-round pick of the National Hockey League.

James Laurinaitis in a black kit poses for a picture.

James Laurinaitis was the round two pick in the NFL draft in 2009.
Photo Source: Turf Show Times

Laurinaitis' hockey career couldn't move ahead as teams thought he was built more for football. Laurinaitis went to Ohio State University, where he got the opportunity to prosper his game with coach Jim Tressel. He helped his team win the Lott Trophy throughout his four years at college. Likewise, he even made it to the First-team All-Big Ten from 2006 to 2008.

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