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Is Kal Penn Married? If Yes, Who is His Wife

prgya Published On Thu Oct 07 2021   Modified On Thu Oct 07 2021
Is Kal Penn Married? If  Yes, Who is His Wife

Let's Get To Know About Kal Penn Dating History Here !!

Kalpen Suresh Modi/Kal Penn is an Indian-American actor. Further, he is widely known for being the former White House staff member in the Barack Obama administration.

As an actor, Kalpen Modi is well-known for his role as Kumar Patel in the Harold & Kumar comedy film series, as well as he is known for portraying the role of Lawrence Kutner in the Fox medical drama House on the small screen.

As a civil servant, Kal, 44, has accumulated a million dollars to his fortune. He, as of now, is a millionaire with a total net worth of $10 million. Undoubtedly, he even earned a decent amount of money from the acting biz. Moreover, grab the detail of his love life here with us.

Is Kal Penn Married? If Yes Then, Who Is His Wife? If No Then, Who He Dated Earlier

Kal Penn is a well-known celebrity of today, but, unfortunately, he hasn't tied his knot with anyone until now, which subsequently means his relationship status is single. However, he has had quite an off-screen and on-screen romance before.

Although Kal has made his lips tight about his real-life romance, in 2016, he openly flaunted his Romeo side on-screen with his co-star of the TV series Designated SurvivorItalia Ricci.

Kal Penn has openly flaunted his Romeo side on-screen with a co-star of the TV series Designated Survivor, Italia Ricci.

Kal Penn featured Italia Ricci on Twitter in February 2018. 
Photo Source: Twitter

Besides the couple's on-screen affair, few photographs were spotted on Kal Instagram in 2016. After the post, the duo went viral on different social media platforms, considering that the two might probably be dating each other.

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Working together in a series, there is a chance the duo shares some moments. However, there is no information to back the allegation. So, no one can comment anything on Penn and Ricci's romantic encounters outside their work field.

Is The News Kal Penn And Barack Obama Gay Romance True? Find It Out!

It is not new for many to start rumors about a celebrity being gay. There are several cases where many from the show biz were speculated to be gay. The same happened to Kal Penn; surprisingly, the person he was allegedly linked with made the news more interesting.

Media spread news of Kal Penn and Barack Obama gay romance.

Penn is the former White House staff member in the Barack Obama administration.
Photo Source: The New York Times

Who was the guy? Well, he was none other than the former President of America, Barack Obama. Yes, Penn and Obama at one time became victims of the rumors. They suffered from the news when reports alleged that they were an item. 

According to Live Ramp Up, multiples sources like and were the first to write those kinds of stuff about the alleged romance.

Unsurprisingly, the rumor was baseless. Obviously, people started the speculation to ruin Obama and Penn's image. How can we be sure of that? 

Isn't it simply, there is no substantial evidence to prove those rumors. Further, Obama's decade-long married life with his wife and their two daughters is proof that he is straight. Also, means Penn is not gay.

Kal Penn On-screen Love With His Movie Girlfriend, Miranda Rae Mayo

Flipping the calendar back in 2015, Kal Penn shared quite good chemistry with his on-screen love Miranda Rae Mayo in the film THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH.

Kal Penn shared quite good chemistry with his on-screen love Miranda Rae Mayo in the movie THE GIRL IN THE PHOTOGRAPH.

Kal Penn, 44, and his movie girlfriend, Miranda Rae, in 2015 cozy up for a selfie.
Photo Source: Twitter

Kal and Rae shared strong chemistry on-set, which might fool many to believe something special was happening between them. However, their romance only lived on-screen; thus, the duo never dated each other.

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Although Kal and Rae were not a thing, the pair are close friends. They even spend time outside their work environment but as good pals. 

Kal shared a snap on Twitter with Rae in 2015 during his Toronto Film Festival, but they never got spotted together dating. Besides, Rae, Kal also shared some special bonding on-screen with his co-cast from How I Met Your Mother. 

To be precise, Kal played the role of Kevin in the series, who was the boyfriend of Cobie Smulders(as Robin Scherbatsky) in the story.

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