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Jerry Springer's Ex-Wife Micki Velton - Details of their Married Life

Matthew Published On Fri Jan 10 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 22 2020
Jerry Springer's Ex-Wife Micki Velton - Details of their Married Life

Here are all the details about Jerry Springer's failed marriage with ex-wife Micki Velton!

The former mayor turned TV personality, Jerry Springer, who needs little to no introduction. The guy is best known as the host for the tabloid talk show 'The Jerry Springer Show.' The former mayor of Cincinnati City Council's political career almost came to an end in 1974 when he was charged with soliciting a prostitute. His bad luck came to light when the police found a lousy cheque that he issued to the massage parlor in Fort Wright, Ky. during a raid. The memo pinned on the office wall with the cheque had 'for services rendered' written on it.

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This, however, wasn't the case as Jerry went on to win back the seat in 1975 with an overwhelming majority, mostly because of the honesty that he displayed during his controversy. Turning his faith around, Jerry quickly went to be successful not only in his political career but also in TV shows and movies, including a few WWE appearances. The peppery fact is that during his controversy back in 1975, he had been married for almost a year with his now ex-wife Micki Velton. So what do we know about Micki Velton? Let's discuss.

Jerry Spriger's Ex-wife Micki Velton

It's not often we come across as much of a private person like Jerry Springer's ex-wife. There isn't a single shred of personal information that Micki Velton has given out about herself yet. 

Jerry Springer's ex wife Micki Velton is a very private person.

Jerry Springer's ex wife Micki Velton is a private person.
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Micki's choice to live out a secret life might not be that surprising as she was married to one of the Hollywood industry's most secretive TV personality Jerry Springer. Also, the fact that she only rose to fame being married to Jerry Springer contributes to her anonymity.

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Micki Velton never had her notable contributions, other than becoming a mother, that would've established her name out there. She's so secretive that she doesn't even have any social media presence on the internet. Apart from the fact that she was the former employee of Proctor & Gambler, she remains a mystery. 

Jerry Springer Married Micki Velton in 1973

Although it is unclear when the ex-pair exactly met, their romance almost dates back to 1970 when Micki was an employee at the Proctor & Gambler. Nonetheless, the ex-duo, after a few years of dating, went on to tie the knot in 1973. 

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Very private TV personality Jerry Springer married secretive woman Micki Velton in a civil wedding ceremony, go figure! The ex-couple is yet to give out any information about their holy alliance. 

Jerry and Micki Share a Daughter

Six years after her marriage with Jerry, Micki mothered his baby girl Katie Springer in 1976. The birth, however, was not without complications. 

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Katie Springer was born without a nasal passage, which was fixed successfully with surgery right after her birth. She is also deaf in one ear and had certified blindness. The covert TV personality opened up about his daughter in 2006.

Katie is now married with a child of her own and has dedicated her life to teaching children with special needs.

Jerry and Micki's Divorce

After 21 years of long and a daughter together, the then-married couple decides to call quits to their marriage.

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Only Micki knows the details of her divorce with a famous TV personality and keeps the reason for the split under wraps.

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Maybe it was Jerry's infidelity, or perhaps it was something else. The cause for the separation remains an enigma.

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