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Andrea Bocelli's Ex-Wife Enrica Cenzatti - How Well Do You Know Her?

Matthew Published On Fri Jan 03 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 05 2020
Andrea Bocelli's Ex-Wife Enrica Cenzatti - How Well Do You Know Her?

Learn all about the famed singer Andrea Bocelli's ex-wife, Enrica Cenzatti!

The 61 years old Italian opera singer, songwriter, and record producer Andrea Bocelli needs no introduction at all. Named one of the People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1998, Celine Dion said if God had a singing voice, he must sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli. That high praise coming from Celine Dion is all the description needed to narrate Andrea Bocelli's singing career.

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Losing his eyesight might've added difficulties to the singer's life, but that didn't stop the artist from giving out award-worthy albums and performances. In most of his personal life, Andrea is supported by his current wife, Veronica Berti. Andrea married Veronica in 2014, twelve years, and one daughter after their first meeting in 2002.

Andrea Bocelli sits in front of his house with his current wife Veronica Berti and his three children; two sons from his previous marriage and a daughter from his present wife.

Andrea Bocelli and his current wife Veronica Berti with Andrea's three children.
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Before Veronica Berti, the singer was married to Enrica Cenzatti, who he shared two children with. The ex-couple separated on the same year Andrea met Veronica. But who is Enrica Cenzatti?

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Who Is Enrica Cenzatti?

Enrica Cenzatti is the first and former wife of Andrea Bocelli. Enrica is often brought into the focus of attention as the famed singer's former wife, but the 51 years old chooses to keep her personal life to herself. Not much information has been made public about the singer's ex-wife.

Andrea was married to Enrica Cenzatti before Veronica Berti. He shares two sons with her.

Andrea Bocelli was married to Enrica Cenzatti.
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The story of how Enrica and Andrea are out there on the internet and a quite interesting one too; the fact that Enrica was only 17 when she met her future husband Andrea, who at the time was 29 years old, also piques the interest of most people.

First Meetings At a Bar

Twenty-nine years old Andrea Bocelli was a law graduate who didn't have any interest in practicing law. Andrea's passion was in music from the very beginning, and thus that was what he wanted to follow. So during his early career, he was singing at piano bars to pay for piano lessons with Franco Corelli

Andrea Bocelli with his first son Amos and his ex-wife Enrica Cenzatti in front of a piano.

Andrea Bocelli met his former wife Enrica Cenzatti while performing at a bar.
Source: Glamour Fame

During one of his performances in a piano bar, Enrica heard Andrea sing, and she fell in love with the singer's voice. She eventually went on to fall in love with the man Andrea Bocelli himself, but first, it was the singer's voice that Enrica fell in love with. 

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Andrea's visual impairment never became a problem for the relationship, and so the pair were married on June 27, 1992.

Two Children With Andrea Bocelli

Over the time of 10 years that Enrica Cenzatti stayed married to Andrea Bocelli, she mothered two of Andrea's kids.

Andrea Bocelli walks with his two sons Amos and Matteo on either side at the SR45th Anniversary fashion show.

Andrea Bocelli and his two sons Amos and Matteo from his previous marriage.
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The ex duo's first son Amos Bocelli was born three years after their marriage on February 22, 1995. The oldest of two Amos followed into his father's footsteps and ventured into the music world very early in his life. 

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Two years later, Enrica bore Andrea's second son Matteo Bocelli on October 8, 1997. The 22 years old not only shares a close resemblance with his father's looks but also inherited Andrea's musical genes. He even contributed to his father's 2018 album 'Si.' 

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Unlike Andrea, Enrica never remarried after her split with her former husband in 2002. The mother of two still live near to her ex-husband and his new wife's place of residence and shares a close bond with them.

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