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Richard Dean Anderson Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

Bran Published On Wed Apr 01 2020   Modified On Wed Jul 13 2022
Richard Dean Anderson Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

The 1980s star, Richard Dean Anderson is retired now. But, it doesn't mean he is any less of fortunes now. Let's check out his net worth.

Richard Dean Anderson can be identified as a legend in the American entertainment industry since he contributed more than three decades of his life to it. Be it with his portrayal of 'Dr. Jeff Webber' on 'General Hospital' or lead appearances in 'Stargate' and 'Firehouse', the 72-year-old excelled in all the categories. The two-time Saturn Award winner hung the boots in 2013, but he amasses enough fortune in his time to live a lavishing life post-retirement. 

The Minneapolis-born actor experienced all sorts of success and accolades when he was performing on screen. The 'Pandora's Clock' star is not just an actor, but he also contributed as a voice artist in video games and as an executive producer for a few television shows. Likewise, to his resounding professional career, his personal life comprises his life partner, Apryl A. Prose, and daughter Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson, with whom he couldn't be happier.

Richard Dean Anderson's Staggering Net Worth of $30 Million

Yes, you heard that quite right. The veteran actor, Richard Dean Anderson, amasses a staggering fortune of $30 million as of 2022, giving him the tag of a 'multi-millionaire.' Ever since he made his debut in the American soap opera, 'General Hospital', in 1976, there was no turning back. His impressive performance as 'Dr. Jeff Webber'resulted in numerous opportunities lined up at his doorsteps. Thus, after years of burning the midnight oil, Anderson accumulated a massive bank balance in his account to enjoy the rest of his life.

Richard Dean Anderson owns a staggering net worth of $30 million.

Richard Dean Anderson owns a staggering net worth of $30 million.
Photo Source: Wikipedia 

As years passed by, he signed for movies and TV series for lucrative fees. Similarly, with increased experience and reputation, he made far more than $39.40, the average salary of an actor. The television star made appearances in 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Simpsons over the years.

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Since he put his hands into production as well, he made a reasonable sum of money as the executive producer of the series version of the famous film, 'Stargate' in 'Stargate SG-1.' The TV show was a big hit with viewership crossing millions.

Richard Dean Anderson is into Philanthropy

Earning significant wealth is not the only motto for the multi-millionaire, Richard Dean Anderson, as he focuses much on giving something back to society. Interestingly, he's committed to the social organization, 'Make-a-Wish Foundation, ' which got him the 1995 Celebrity Award as well. Moreover, he expressed his support to several Sclerosis Society non-profit organizations via public service announcements in the past years.

Richard Dean Anderson in a brown jacket poses for a picture.

Richard Dean Anderson retired from acting in 2013.
Photo Source: Wikimedia

The legendary TV star also supported big time for the 1991 Special Olympics and gave a speech at the opening ceremony. Furthermore, he is currently on the Board of Advisors of the 'Sea Shepherd Conservation Society' and worked alongside the 'Earth River Expeditions' to conduct the highly anticipated and helpful, 'River Project'. Earlier on, the 'Stargate' producer helped 'Waterkeeper Alliance', an organization established to stop water pollution by hefty charity amounts.

Richard Dean Anderson Lives in a Mansion-Like House

Kudos to reputed architects like Erik Evens and Patricia Baker, the veteran actor, who lives in a large house on the coast of Malibu. The house is designed in a classic Midwestern style but comprises all the modern-day amenities, including a classy, comfortable sofa and a 14-foot back porch. The two-story house is topped with a red-cedar siding and a zinc roof.

Richard Dean Anderson and his partner pose at their Malibu house with their two dogs.

Richard Dean Anderson lives in a mansion at Malibu, Los Angeles.
Photo Source: Architectural Design

Anderson's villa further comprises proportionate rooms, flowing floor pans, and French-style doors. Although the correct price of the Malibu house isn't disclosed yet, it is quite sure that is no less than a few million. Today, the actor lives a blissful life with his wife and daughter.

Richard Dean Anderson's Cars

Richard Dean Anderson looks at his broken Audi.

Richard Dean Anderson rides a lavishing Audi Sedan.
Photo Source: AKM Images

The retired actor, Richard Dean Anderson, does full justice to his net worth when it comes to cars. In 2011, he became news material when his car broke down in Malibu. The paparazzi's spotted him in an instant as the filmstar was looking for assistance for his black Audi sedan.

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Not much is known about whether Anderson still drives the Audi or not, but that surely isn't his only car in the garage. According to the data, the Sedan cost around $37,000 when the star bought it.

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