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Simon Pegg Net Worth — Check Out This Sensational Actor's Wealth

Heisenberg Published On Sun Apr 05 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 05 2020
Simon Pegg Net Worth — Check Out This Sensational Actor's Wealth

Grab all the details on the net worth of the English actor Simon Pegg.

Simon Pegg has achieved enough in his life to be proud of. He has had a fantastic career that every nerd dreams of: playing in 'Doctor Who,' 'Star Trek,' and 'Star Wars.' 

Simon Pegg's had his hands in a number of big films. Not to mention 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' 'Star Trek,' and 'Doctor Who,' the actor featured in the 'Mission Impossible' movies, 'The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,' and 'Three Flavours Cornetto.' While he had opportunities to make and act in various movies during his acting journey, the 50-year-old actor also made some good amount of cash on the way. Let's find out the exact amount Simon Pegg holds at present.

What is Simon Pegg Net Worth?

As of April 2020, Simon Pegg holds an incredible $25 million in his bank account. His current wealth comes from his successful career as an actor throughout the years. Below, we have broken down the actor's net worth and analyzed them individually.

Three Flavours Cornetto Film Trilogy

The 'Three Flavours Cornetto' film trilogy includes the movies 'Shaun of the Dead,' 'Hot Fuzz,' and 'The World's End.' Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright wrote the film series. 

Watch: 'Shaun of the Dead' Official Trailer (2014)

Watch: 'Hot Fuzz' Official Trailer (2007)

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Watch: 'The World's End' Official Trailer (2013)

The films cost a combined $38 million in the budget and grossed over $156 million worldwide in earnings. Simon Pegg earned a total of about $5 million from his part in the movies.

Star Trek

Simon Pegg played the famous supporting character 'Montgomery "Scotty" Scott,' an engineer in the eleventh film of 'Star Trek' movie series. He returned for the role in 2013 for 'Star Trek Into Darkness,' and in 2016 for 'Star Trek Beyond.' He was also involved in co-writing the 2016 'Star Trek' movie.

Watch: Star Trek (2009) Official Trailer

'Star Trek Into Darkness' grossed $467.4 million worldwide and 'Star Trek Beyond' grossed $335.8 million worldwide. From his association with 'Star Trek,' Simon Pegg earned a total of $1 million.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Simon Pegg featured in the 2015 Star Wars movie 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' as the character 'Unkar Plutt,' the Junkyard dealer on 'Jakku'.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' was an immense box office success. It made $936.7 million in the US with a whopping $2 billion worldwide gross earnings. Simon Pegg earned $100,000 from his role in the movie.

Simon Pegg Rides a Mercedes-Benz GL

Simon Pegg currently owns Mercedes-Benz GL that runs on diesel.

Simon Pegg rides Mercedes-Benz GL.

Simon Pegg rides Mercedes-Benz GL.
Source: Pinterest

Simon has had his fair share of riding some expensive cars in his movies. But he did not grow up driving around in a Mercedes or Ferrari. In a talk with Top Gear, the actor shares about his first-ever car: "My first car was a Mini – an old blue Mini. I can't remember if it was a Cooper or not. Then a Renault 5. The Mini was my mum's, which she gave to me, but the first car I bought was a Renault 5."

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