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Tom Skilling Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Bran Published On Mon Nov 23 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 12 2022
Tom Skilling Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Grab all the details about the net worth and financial details of Tom Skilling.

Thomas Ethelbert Skilling, III, aka Tom Skilling, is someone who has an immense contribution to the world of television as a renowned meteorologist. The 68-year-old has spent over the last forty years of his career at WGN-TV in Chicago. Apart from that, he is even a member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association. His lengthy spell at the network is set to end in 2022 when his contract expires.

Talking about Tom's love life, he hasn't shared any details on this topic. Indeed, no information on his romantic encounters had been made public. Due to this, no one can assure whether or not Tom is married. Thus, there are no details available on his wife.   

Tom Skilling's contribution to television and journalism not just guaranteed him enormous respect and prestige but even helped him to gather a colossal net worth. As per the papers and reports, he is one of the richest meteorologists in the whole world, not just the United States. Stay right here as we delve through the details and numbers about his precise net worth and sources of income.

Tom Skilling's Net Worth Makes Him A Multi-Millionaire

Tom Skilling in a black suit poses a picture.

Tom Skilling owns a staggering net worth of $15 million.
Photo Source: WGN-TV

When it comes to finances, Tom Skilling has absolutely nothing to be concerned about as his four-decade-long career has helped him amass enough fortunes. Specifically, Skilling owns a whopping net worth of $15 million, which allows him to live a modern and lavish lifestyle. Despite such a massive bank balance, he has been quite successful in keeping details regarding his properties a secret as of now.

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The primary source of Tom Skilling might be known to everyone by now, as he serves as the chief meteorologist on WGN-TV. Surprisingly, he joined the reputed network way back on August 13, 1978, and kept on pushing the ranks to the very top. As per the rumors, he is the highest-paid meteorologist in the United States, which explains his extremely high net worth. Since he still has two more years as per his contract, there is no doubt regarding the fact that his bank balance will rise further by that time.

Tom Skilling in a black suit and red tie caught on the camera.

Tom Skilling joined the WGN-TV way back in 1978.
Photo Source: Chicago Tribune

Apart from WGN-TV, Tom Skilling (Top-5 Facts) is also open to sharing his experiences and knowledge with other media formats, including the Chicago Tribune. Moreover, he also made a big amount of money for narrating documentaries like 'It Sounded Like a Freight Train' and 'When Lightning Strikes.' 

Tom Skilling's Inspiring Career As A Meteorologist

Tom Skilling is the perfect example of the famous quote, 'hard work pays off' as his journey from the bottom to the very top is open to everyone. Interestingly, the Illinois-born journalist cum meteorologist started his career in broadcasting at the juvenile age of 14 for WKKD and WKKD-FM. Surprisingly, he was able to prove that the network's forecasts were incorrect and came up with his own accurate forecasts, which helped him to host his own show. At the age of 18, he joined a new workplace at WLXT-TV in Aurora.

Tom Skilling in a white shirt caught on the camera.

Tom Skilling started his professional life at the young age of 14.
Photo Source: Twitter

Apart from practical experience, Tom Skilling kept on furnishing his knowledge by going to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to study meteorology and journalism. He continued adding new workstations to his resume working for WKOW-TV, WTSO radio, and later as the lead forecaster in WITI-TV in Milwaukee. Besides his accomplishments in WGN, he received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Lewis University in January 1995.

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Tom Skilling even got special recognition in 2014, when Asteroid 91888 Tomskilling, which was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey was named in his honor. He recently added more fans to his list following his dramatic weight loss success. 

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