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Tucker Carlson Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Christina Published On Fri Jun 26 2020   Modified On Fri Jun 26 2020
Tucker Carlson Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Check out all the details on Tucker Carlson's net worth collection over the years!

Tucker Carlson is an renowned American political commentator, television personality and an author. He's a majorly popular figure known for hosting his political talk show named Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News since 2016.

Tucker's show is known for its quirkiness and it's amusing tagline which says that the host is known to be the sworn enemy of lying, pompousness, smugness and group think. It is also one of the reasons as to why the reporter gained such popularity and recognition in his career.

Inevitably, Carlson's splendid career over the years also led him to garner quite the stacks of net worth for himself. It's just what we are going to uncover today. Without further ado, let's have a look at the complete breakdown of Tucker Carlson's net worth collection. 

Tucker Carlson Net Worth Collection Over The Years

The political commentator - who reportedly underwent weight loss - ventured into the world of mass communication and journalism as a fact checker for a national conservative journal Policy Review and now he's at the top of his career as a respected paleoconservative journalist. 

Tucker Carlson is currently one of the highest earning journalists of America.

Tucker Carlson is currently one of the highest earning journalists of America. 
Photo Source: NY Times

Throughout his journey the 51-year-old's made a spectacular net worth of $20 million as of 2020. Not only that, he also earns a handsome salary of $6 million per year. This is a given regarding Carlson's expertise and experience in the journalism.

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At the moment the journalist's raked upon the list of one of the most wealthiest news anchor out there. He already came from a well off family however his personal wealth pays no heed to his hereditary influence.

Tucker Carlson Salary Deals

The award winning correspondent who took over the slot left by Bill O'Reily after he left the Fox News. At that time Carlson signed a $10 million book deal which proved to be quite fruitful as the show consistently saw it's high rated position due to him. 

Tucker Carlson replaced Bill O'Reily in the Fox News Channel. Photo Source: Variety

Even though Tucker replaced Bill in the news channel, he is still far behind the salary ratings of Bill. As O'Reily was earning a massive $20 million yearly from the channel. Perhaps, Carlson's still room for reaching ahead in his career.

Tucker Carlson Real Estate Earnings

The Fox News reporter is married to his life partner Susan Andrews since 1991 and together the couple share four lovely childrens. As for their residence, Tucker and his wife traded their $4 million house to a $2 million home in Washington D.C.

Some rare candid pictures of the Carlson family.

Some rare candid pictures of the Carlson family. 
Photo Source: iFunny 

However again in 2017 November they sold the house for $2.04 million and bought a new house again in $3.895 million in the same neighborhood. At the present there are no news in the family's relocation. We'll keep you updated if there are any news about it. 

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