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Home lifestyle Alexander Zverev's Girlfriend Brenda Patea - Top 5 Facts

Alexander Zverev's Girlfriend Brenda Patea - Top 5 Facts

Matthew Published On Mon Feb 03 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 03 2020
Alexander Zverev's Girlfriend Brenda Patea - Top 5 Facts

Here are the top five facts about Alexander Zverev's girlfriend, Brenda Patea, to help you know her better!

Alexander "Sascha" Zverev, son of two professional tennis players from the Soviet Union, Irina and Alexander Mikhailovich Zverev, is at the first Grand Slam semi-finals of his career and he's all set to face off Dominic Thiem for a spot in the finals. While the 22 years old is fixated to winning the Australian Open, his girlfriend Brenda Patea cheers him on during the matches. And when Brenda isn't doing that, she turns heads on Instagram with her Australian adventures.

Alexander Zverev and his girlfriend Brenda Patea.

Alexander Zverev and his girlfriend Brenda Patea.
Source: Tennis World

Alexander Zverev's girlfriend is not unfamiliar to fame herself. Quite honestly, if your Instagram feed isn't blessed with Brenda Patea's adventures, then you're missing out on a lot. But just in case you haven't heard of her, don't you worry about a thing. We've got you covered. Here are top five facts about Brenda Patea to help you get to know about her.

5. Brenda Patea is German

Born September 2, 1993, as Brenda Hübsche, Brenda's home country is Germany. She was born to mother Heike Hübscher and seems take on her mother's ageless beauty. Brenda's brother still resides in Frankfurt an der Oder, whereas Brenda left home at the age of 16 and chose independence ever since.

Alexander Zverev's girlfriend Brenda Patea is German.

Alexander Zverev's girlfriend Brenda Patea is German.
Source: Flickr

Heike, Brenda's mother, is often featured in her Instagram posts and also shares a lot of her daughter in hers.

4. Brenda Patea is a Model and a Social Media Star

The 26 years old native of Berlin, Germany, is no stranger to fame herself. As a model and social media influencer, Brenda made quite a name for herself.

Brenda Patea amassed over 257k followers in her Instagram.

Brenda Patea amassed over 257k followers in her Instagram.
Source: Instagram

Patea amassed over 256,000 followers in her official Instagram account and earned representation through Maze Management. She shares a mix of both commercial modeling content along with lifestyle photos of her attending different premieres and events.

3. Brenda Patea was in Germany's Next Top Model

Brenda Patea's modeling career started from Germany's Next Top Model 2017. The boxing enthusiast Brenda Patea was a contestant on the Heidi Klum-led Germany's Next Top Modelcycle 12 as Brenda Hübscher.

Watch: Brenda Patea | Germany’s next Topmodel 2017 |

Part of Michael Michalsky's team, Brenda, became the 10th model to be eliminated that season and didn't make it quite far. Needless to say that this trend didn't follow her around for too long, and she got a fantastic start for the modeling field.

2. Brenda Patea is Four Years Older than Alexander Zverev

Age is just a number, and the romantic couple Brenda and Alexander indeed seem to follow this. Born April 20, 1997, Brenda's boyfriend, Alexander Zverev, is four years younger than her. Despite the age difference, the pair seem to have quite a connection with each other.

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This is Alexander's first attempt at a relationship with a woman older than himself. Zverev's ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova, a Russian tennis player, was around the same age as him.

1. Brenda Patea Met Alexander Zverev During the Paris Masters

Brenda revealed her relationship with her present boyfriend only a month after confirming her breakup with the Turkish-born model-actor Baris Murat Yagci. The rumors of her break up with Baris surfaced when she removed all traces of Yagci from her social media, but Brenda didn't confirm the news till later on with an interview with Promiflash.

Brenda Patea met Alexander Zverev in a cafe at Paris.

Brenda Patea met Alexander Zverev in a cafe at Paris.
Source: Essentially Sports 

It was late October, and Alexander Zverev was in the beautiful city of Paris for the Paris Masters 2019. As it happens, so was Brenda Patea. The two first met at a cafe in Paris on October 28. 

Recalling their first meetings, Brenda said,

We met in Paris on October 28. I was in town on business and sat in a café where Alex was with a friend. Our eyes met. He came to me and talked to me.

Not realizing who Alexander was and missing the fact that they both spoke German, the conversation began in English, and as they say the rest his history.

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From Brenda's posts on Instagram, it is clear that the romance is growing and don't show any sign coming to an abrupt end. The twosome regularly goes on several vacations together, pictures of which Brenda shares on her Instagram.

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