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'Awkwafina is Nora From Queens' Star Bowen Yang - Top 5 Facts

Alizeh Published On Tue Jan 28 2020   Modified On Thu Jan 30 2020
'Awkwafina is Nora From Queens' Star Bowen Yang - Top 5 Facts

Bowen Yang is an American actor, comedian, podcaster, and writer from Aurora, Colorado. He co-hosts a comedy pop-culture podcast, Las Culturistas, with Matt Rogers. Yang is in the new series ‘Awkwafina is Nora from Queens.’

The show Awkwafina will have some quality co-stars for this new show as well. BD Wong will play her father, “Las Culturistas” host, and the talented actor Bowen Yang is set to play her cousin, and Lori Tan Chinn is signed on as her grandmother. 

bowen yang and other 4 major cast member of the show awkwafina in the show premier

Bowen Yang and the Awkwafina cast 
Source: Zimbio

The comedian’s established himself as a well-known personality in Hollywood. Because of his captivating personality, the comedian’s been hired in the 45th season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Here are some facts about Yang which you might not be aware of.

5. Bowen Yang wanted to become a doctor after watching ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The largely low-key Bowen Yang attended New York University. Yang arrived for his freshman year; he chose to major in chemistry. He said he was inspired to become a doctor because of the show Grey’s Anatomy. Specifically, he wanted to be like the character ‘Cristina Yang,’ portrayed by actress Sandra Oh.

He ultimately graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry, not a Bachelor of Science. Then he pursued his career in entertainment.

4. Brings diversity on Saturday Night Live

In a predominantly cast of Americans on SNL, Bowen Yang is a Chinese-American who is openly gay. He brings diversity to the group, and this is refreshing for fans who haven’t had a different perspective. 

Bowen Yang on SNL 
Source: boy culture 

Yang’s father being an immigrant, can talk on things that the regular Americans don’t know.

3. He appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment 2019

The millionaire Yang is not just a successful writer, comedian, and all-around entertainer, Bowen blows up his Twitter with hilarious lip-syncing videos, too.

Watch: Bowen Yang on SNL 

Being a diverse, all-round entertainer, Yang deserved recognition. 

2. Bowen is a Twitter Star

Yang was the subject of one of the major trending topics on Twitter, he’s a fantastic lip-sync artist, and he’s made a lot of admirers through his posts. 

bowen yang performing his stand up comedy on stage

Bowen Yang Stand-up 
Source: fortune 

It seems that there is just no end to the humor when it comes to Bowen Yang and his stand up comedy.

1. A Representative of Change

Bowen has a fantastic sense of humor, and he can take just about any situation and turn it into something humorous. Being Chinese-American and gay, Bowen's got the potential to impact our society positively.

We look forward to the new material he writes on SNL and sees him act out his humor live in front of the cameras.

bowen standing straight with hands on his hips in a very boujee set up

Bowen Yang is becoming a representative of change
Source: brooklyn vegan 

Yang’s been an amazing actor and comedian, making people laugh on SNL, and in the new series Awkwafina is Nora from Queens, we only accept the best performance from him as he has set his bars pretty high for the audience.

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