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Game of Thrones - The End of an Era

Matthew Published On Sun Dec 29 2019   Modified On Fri May 29 2020
Game of Thrones - The End of an Era

The sensational television series came to a halt when their season finale aired on May 19th of 2019. George R.R. Martin, the chief writer of the epic saga, sure found a way to create suspense around his characters and knows his techniques to add a little extravagant violence. This series consisted of 9 noble families fighting and uniting through the ages to survive the unseen yet equally frightful enemy.

Starring with Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, these two are shown as the exact opposite of their nature throughout the series that Clarke portrayed as 'Daenerys Targaryen' as the true heir to the seven kingdoms whereas Harrington playing the role of 'Jon Snow'/'Aegon Targaryen' is given the bastard's life.

Game of Thrones's 'Winter Is Here' poster featuring Kit Harington and Emilia Clark.

Fire and Ice clashes for one last battle.
Source: Pinterest

The story continues to find breathtaking events making the audience gasp in awe and also making them eager to find out what's happening in the other episodes.

Wrongs in the Climax of Thrones!

When the series piloted in 2011, it gradually found its way to the top of the charts and minds of the audience. Shooting in lavish and naturally challenged places made it more mesmerizing about the series. Adding the best CGI effects of exotic animals and horrors gave the series a plus point needed to gain many nominees with awards. 

Two pictures comparing shoots and final reel of Emilia Clark petting a dragon.

Daenerys Targaryen after the CGI effect for her Dragon
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When the series was in the midst of its journey, the main characters were dying; the story was tracked to another path. However, the thrill and chills that the audience experienced in the pilot season couldn't be felt in the last two seasons.

Kit Harington who plays the role of 'Jon Snow,' his identity as the last heir of the Targaryen dynasty was kept secret the whole story until it stormed the minds of the audience in the second last season.

Many kings were hiding their bastard children and secretly making plots to dethrone weak dynasties, this suspense seemed a little too overwhelming, yet it caught the attention of the entire audience. But, it couldn't finalize the required climax that helped the uncertainty created in the first place.

This could be the reason for the clash of many writers condensed in the single outcome to end the story.

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'Game of Thrones,' the name guarantees the components of the series, which consists of many families whom we can see them using the tools from Stone Age to the Bronze. Yet, when the series ended in the last season, they decided to overthrow Monarchism and start Democracy.

Likewise, the whole idea, the point of attraction, the moral of the series seemed to revolve around the very notion of Monarchism and its merits and demerits. If the concept of Democracy was to be established, then it was needed from the beginning to make the saga more variant.

Changing the moral of the story not only descended its way from the box office but also the chance to maintain its status in the audience's mind.

Game of Thrones: A Prequel Maybe?

This phenomenal series packed its pocket with millions of dollars for its best story and mind-bending plots. Eventually, it made it lesser than the pilot episodes, but it had its share. Watching through the series, we find it amusing that the story before the mad king, the battle of Westeros were just only a story without any visual comebacks.

So, to gain the lost audience, Game of Thrones series needs to portray the story of older characters. They need to go back to the time when bigger assassination plots, the birth of the main characters, are visually shown to make a more significant impact of the entire story begins.

Martin has written several books before the seven kingdoms, and 'Bloodmoon' was one of it, which consisted of the story of the 'First Men', some 800 to 1000 years ago. HBO rejected it, asking for a much relevant tale close to the formation of seven kingdoms.

HBO's prequel to Game of Thrones House of the Dragon's poster. It features the logo with three headed red dragon and the quote 'Fire Will Reign'.

House of the Dragon Poster for the Prequel of 'Game of Thrones.'
Source: Inverse

The story of 'House Targaryen' in the book 'Fire and Blood' by Martin was chosen fit for the prequel of Game of Thrones.

Accordingly, a prequel of this series is to be aired in 2021 after George R.R. Martin announced it last October. Though the title of the spinoff is yet to be determined, filming the story of the first 'Fire and Blood' episode is already complete.

GOT: History Learned!

If you overview the map of Westeros, it would seem as if the map of the UK is inverted and elongated on the top. Moreover, the King's Landing, the capital appears to be near London, the Capital of England. The north people from Winterfell can be seen as Vikings, the Riverland people as Welsh and Scottish. The people of Dorne from the south have an accent of Spanish, and the characters seem to like them too.

The Far East, the Great Grass Sea, reminds of the Mongol Empire ruled by Genghis Khan. 'Missandei,' the Daenerys's friend seems to have come from the African continent.

Comparison of the Westeros map with Europe's map.

Comparison of Westeros and Europe.
Source: GetWallpapers

The map itself is an equal representation of Europe and its history. We can find many aspects that fit the proposition. Dictatorship, violence, greed, and many other prospects that happened in the early European countries are found in the story of George R.R. Martin. A smart way to find elements of the story when it had happened many years ago, but it was buried right before your feet.

Few European countries still practice monarchy, but many have followed the idea of Democracy and Republic. The Game of Thrones series brings out the history and teaches its moral in its own kind of way. No countries and their genocidal propaganda were used, nor the idea of which countries' past are related is given out.

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