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Penn Badgley Claims There's One Line Joe Will Never Cross in Netflix's YOU

Alizeh Published On Thu Jan 23 2020   Modified On Fri Jan 24 2020
Penn Badgley Claims There's One Line Joe Will Never Cross in Netflix's YOU

People still cannot get over the ‘You’ series. The captivating storyline and perfect cast makes people want more from it. Especially how season 2 of the show ended, the fans are left astonished and excited for the next one. 

Penn Badgley who plays the main character of 'Joe Goldberg' is the show stealer with his exceptional portrayal of sociopathic killer Joe. In the series we see Joe do things which are beyond normal human capabilities and way of looking at the world.

joe standing on the side walk in a blue jeans jacket carrying a back pank

Penn Badgley As Joe 
Source: Tyla 

The character of Joe is a conflicting one, he’s been winded up in situations which clash between his thoughts and actions. However, Joe has certain boundaries that he won’t cross. 

There's One Line Joe Goldberg Will Never Cross

Penn Badgley gave us even more insight into the brain of Joe Goldberg. In a recent interview, Penn revealed the line Joe won't cross. Yes, there actually is a line he won't cross.

If you remember both season 1 and 2 of You, Joe’s always shown having a soft spot for the children. In season 1 it was 'Paco' who he watched over and tried to protect from his abusive stepfather at all costs. 

joe and ellie in the laundry room talking to each other

Joe and Ellie 
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In season 2 there was 'Ellie,' well Joe did get her older sister and only guardian killed, but he's still trying to take care of her now that she has nobody. And we've seen him kill a lot of people, but never a kid.

In season 2 we can see Joe ending up in multiple troublesome situations in the pursuit of protecting Ellie. He murdered Henderson for Ellie and kept her out of trouble in every way. So, there is one line that even a serial killer like Joe Goldberg wont cross is hurting children. 

Penn Badgley on Joe Goldberg 

In the end of season 2 when Love’s secret is revealed, Joe starts resenting her for being like him. The character of 'Love Quinn' played by Victoria Pedretti is still alive in show because she was pregnant; Joe stopped himself from hurting her only because she was pregnant with his child. 

love quinn in a red floral print maxi dress smiling

Love Quinn Pregnant 

"Clearly Joe has the integrity of a saint when it comes to people underage, and I think the writers are just like 'we’re not gonna go there.' Even if it's inconsistent.

Even if people who are this bad might actually do that, and they probably do, I think we would all be nauseous and frankly I wouldn't want to be there," Penn said.

Joe Goldberg’s Childhood Flashbacks

There are multiple flashbacks from Joe’s childhood which might be a way to humanize Joe's character and explain his psychotic ways. We learn that Joe's childhood was bleak. 

His dad was abusive to his mom and him, and both parents seemed to treat him as a burden. In the end we see little Joe shoot his father with a gun his mom owned. 

young joe on the pavement waiting fro his mother

Young Joe Goldberg.
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The flashbacks explains Joe’s mommy issues, his fixation with women he likes and his obsessive need to be loved. Because he’s had such a traumatic childhood and is in a way conscious about what he’s become as an adult, Joe is protective of children. 

Joe understands how important it is to protect a child’s childhood. So, in both the seasons we see him taking drastic measures to protect Paco and Ellie. According to Penn, Joe is especially protective of his own child and that's why Love is still alive.

beck reading a book and joe stalking her from behind

Joe and Beck.
Source: Marie Clarie 

Badgley adds, “There are a lot of things he thinks Joe would never do ... and that audiences couldn't come back from him killing a child.” 

Now, with the talk of season 3 people are more than excited to watch it as the last season was left with such an interesting setup and mystery. People cannot stop talking about You and are dying for the next season. 

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We can’t wait to see Joe Goldberg as a father. What extreme measures he will take for his child and we can also see the problem Joe has knowing Love’s secret along with the mysterious girl that appears at the end of the show. 

joe inside the cage and love looking at him from the outside

Joe and Love quinn 
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Penn in an interview said “There might be a test of marriage, because both the characters know each other so well and also there is a child involved.”

The fans are already so excited for the next season, You season 3 will definitely will be a treat to watch. 

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