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Netflix's 'You' Forty Quinn Actor James Scully - Top 5 Facts

Alizeh Published On Wed Jan 29 2020   Modified On Fri Feb 14 2020
Netflix's 'You' Forty Quinn Actor James Scully - Top 5 Facts

The Netflix series You's been the biggest hit among the audience in the current sphere. People fell in Love with all the different diverse characters. In the second season, our hero Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley moves to LA getting a job in a bookstore (Anavrin) where he meets is Love interest Love Quinn who owns the place. 

Unlike Beck, in the second season, our female lead Love Quinn, played by Victoria Pedretti is a tad bit complicated, carrying her emotional baggage. 

james as forty on You, wearing a robe leaning on a pillar

James Scully as Forty Quinn 
Source: Digital Spy 

Forty Quinn, played by James Scully, who plays Love's brother in the series, is quite an interesting character. Forty is a delusional guy, a guy with wealthy parents who goes about life doing whatever he wants. 

Actor James Scully perfectly portrayed the troubled character of Forty. Here are some facts about James that you might not know. 

5. A Sociopathic Teen 

Maybe Scully, who possesses the $500,000 net worth, has the face for it; he's been playing sociopathic character way before You. James made his television debut as none other than J.D., the sociopathic teen at the center of the 'Heathers' drama

black and white picture of james wearing a black coat and messy hair

James in 'Heathers' as JD 
Source: Pinterest 

While the rest of the series leans heavily into melodrama, Scully brings a steely intensity to the wrong boy role made famous by Slater. 

4. James starred with Camila Mendes of Riverdale

The You star was in the After-school special of Riverdale. Scully described it as a "Don't Abuse Vicodin" after-school special. "Camila Mendes of Riverdale. 

Watch: James Scully talk about You 

Oh, she's going to hate me for bringing this up was in the PSA with me. I hope that's buried in a tomb somewhere." Rest easy, Jim, it's under lock and key.

3. An Activist for the Queers

We see James speaking up for the LGBTQ community via his social media platforms. He is all for the queer community and is continually being a part of Queer movements. 

james scully's instagram post about LGBTQ rights

James for LGBTQ community 
Source: Sugar Fries 

The actor also did a movie 'Straight up' which wrings knowing laughs from gay stereotypes and pop culture references.

2. The Actor was Desperate for Work

Being one of the lead characters in Netflix right now, it seems as if James's always got it together with his work. But, every success has its struggles and likewise James was also very desperate at one point of his life. 

james in a maroon suit and printed shirt on the red carpet

James Scully in 2018 'Heathers' red carpet 
Source: Heathers wiki 

Scully said, 'The second season of Netflix's spicy runaway hit "YOU," a job so enjoyable and fulfilling I could not have imagined it in my wildest dreams. It's weird what two years can do, ESPECIALLY when you're an actor.'

1.  Forty Quinn is Gay? 

James Scully answered fan questions about the series and what his experience was like filming season 2. One fan asked: "what made you guys decided Forty would be straight?" James then shut down the claim, responding: "We didn't, and he wasn't, and he's not, and he never will be."

James continued, "I think Forty would have sex with whoever he decided he wanted to have sex with. And it was nice being able to play the character even if I was realizing retroactively that he was sexually fluid where we didn't need to stress that in any way. It was what it was, and he was who he was."

james wearing a japanese robe standing infront of joe

Forty Quinn is gay? 
Source: Elite Daily 

After You, we fell in Love with all the unique characters, and Forty is up there. James Scully's excellently portrayed Forty, and people were disheartened with what happened to the character at the end of season 2.

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