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Netflix You - Penn Badgley Reveals the Most Nasty Scene of Season 2

Alizeh Published On Tue Feb 04 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
Netflix You - Penn Badgley Reveals the Most Nasty Scene of Season 2

The dark series about dating, serial murder, and the joys of reading, the Netflix series You, returned for a second season on a new coast. 'You' became one of Netflix's more addictive treats, season 1 of the series made the audience want for from the show, and the second season left them shook with its impeccable plot twist. 

joe looking surprised in his cage

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg 
Source: Insider 

In the season 2 of You, Joe (Penn Badgley) has crossed the country to Los Angeles, where he has assumed a new identity and found a new focus of obsession a new You in a fellow employee, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

The second season was more gruesome than the first one, actor Penn Badgley spoke about the nastiest things he had to do for that perfect shot. 

Penn Badgley Reveals the Nastiest Scene of You 2

In the second season, there are multiple gruesome scenes where Joe Goldberg is portrayed as an absolute monstrous serial killer. Of course there was the meat grinding scene when Joe dismembers and grinds Jasper's (the gangster) body, then there is one when Jasper cuts Joe's finger off. 

joe dismembering jaspers body

Gruesome scene from You 
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However, Penn Badgley says the nastiest scene was the death scene of Delilah "When Delilah is dead on the floor of the cage, the amount of fake blood that was required to make that look real was more gruesome," he said.

Delilah's death scene 
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The scene where Joe put Jasper's body through the meat grinder was the second most gruesome scene, so we can only imagine how bloody the scene with Delilah was. 

Most Fun Scene to Shoot

All the scenes in the series were stressful to watch as so much was going at once. However, actor Penn Badgley shared the "most fun" experience for him to film. The scene where Joe and Forty are tripping on LSD was the most chaotic episode which kept viewers on their toes.

joe sitting in the bathtub looking at his hands covered in blood

Joe Tripping on LSD scene 
Source: Easy Branches 

"That was actually the most fun for me, I think because it was the most physical, the most strange and maniacal," he explained.

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And while there were plenty of stunts in the episode, including a lot of people leaving via a window, it turns out that there were even more stunts while they were filming.

Jumping out of the window was fun. We actually had to do more stunts than you see, really.

It's always fun to do physical stuff. Trying to act as though I'm weeping and tripping at the same time, that's interesting. It's fun. It's also exhausting.

The graphic scenes are very well shot, thanks to the actor's people are horrified by the scenes but also love it for how perfectly it is acted out by the actors. You season 3 is officially announced and is set to release in the year 2021. 

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The second season showed more crazy than the show already was. The writers put in the biggest plot twist at the end of the series, the third season of You might just be one of the most awaited shows in Netflix.

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