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Meet Little America Star Conphidance - Everything You Need to Know

Matthew Published On Wed Jan 08 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 08 2020
Meet Little America Star Conphidance - Everything You Need to Know

Here's all that you need to know about Little America series Star Conphidance!

With Apple TV Plus set to release its new anthology series 'Little America' on the 17th of January, 2020, it is bringing out a lot of budding stars to the big screen. Among such stars is the Emmy Award-winning TV series Atlanta actor Conphidance. The actor has appeared in many supporting roles throughout his career but is now all set to play out a significant role in 'Little America.'

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Undoubtedly, Conphidance's contribution to 'Little America' will be marked as the turning point in his career. The little known actor has been around for quite some time but remains unknown to the general Hollywood audience. So to help you understand him better, here are some facts about the actor.

Conphidance's Real Name

Naturally, Conphidance isn't the actor's real name. Conphidance was born Uchenna Echeazu in Nigeria and raised in his birth country before his family moved to the United States.

Conphidance's real name is Uchenna Echeazu.

While the actor is yet to reveal his exact birth date, he does celebrate his birthday on the 27th of March every year.

Story Behind The Name

The actor's alias name is unique at the least. Not only that, but Conphidance also represents some of the actor's traits. Explaining what his name stands for, Conphidance said in his interview with RollingOut,

In the name Conphidance, "CON" stands for conscious, "PH" stands for philosophical and "I-DANCE" represents entertainer — basically, I'm a conscious, philosophical entertainer. I strive to inspire people by building self-confidence one person at a time.

We got to give credit to his creativity for his stage name.

Conphidance Used To Be a Maths Teacher

Conphidance was a math teacher that left behind his life in a classroom for an acting career when he got cast as a co-star on the 'Complication' series.

Conphidance left his teaching career to star on 'Complication' series.
Source: IMDb

Before getting cast on the series, Conphidance taught algebra I to ninth and tenth-grade students of Westlake High School in Atlanta. The funny but strict former math teacher was known as Mr.E to his students and always wore a suit to his class, even in the summer. He left behind his teaching career in 2010. 

Conphidance is Also a Writer And a Singer

The former math teacher turned actor is also an Atlanta based writer and a singer. Confidence writes scripts for movies and TV series and has also completed projects ready for production.

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Apart from acting and writing, Conphidance is also an aspiring singer. He is continually finding time to write songs for his debut album that he is planning to release in the future. The striving singer also consistently finds time out of his schedule for volunteering, mentoring, and uplifting with youths.

Conphidance Plays Iwegbuna Ikeji in 'Little America'

The anthology series by Apple TV Plus is set to bring Conphidance to the big screen with the character of 'Iwegbuna Ikeji' on the 17th of January, 2020. From what we've learned, the actor is going to portray the real-life story of a Nigerian immigrant Igew Udeh

Conphidance, himself being a Nigerian immigrant, is the perfect pick to portray the life and struggles of another Nigerian immigrant who is very much attracted to the cowboy style of America. 

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All in all, Conphidance just scored big with his spot on the Apple TV Plus anthology series 'Little America.' He is sure to receive many more big-screen opportunities after the release of 'Little America.'

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