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Fraggle Rock Returns with New Episodes on Apple TV+

BK Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 22 2020
Fraggle Rock Returns with New Episodes on Apple TV+

The beloved '80s series Fraggle Rock is back!

Jim Henson's 'Fraggle Rock' is returning with new episodes on Apple TV+ for a brand new generation. To make things even better, the popular puppet series will be free to stream on the platform.

In the new version of Fraggle Rock, Red, Mokey, Gobo, Boober, Wembley, and Uncle Traveling Matt get together again for new adventures while the classic Fraggle songs showcases the significance of friendship. The premiere of the show launched on 21st April, Tuesday.

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The new episodes of Fraggle Rock will air globally every Tuesday for free.

The latest new episode titled 'Shine On' displayed Fraggles separated in caves while they look for ways to have fun together. Viewers will get to witness Doozertubes getting delivered to the Fraggles' caves as they come together for a popular song "Shine On, Shine On Me."

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Amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent calls for social distancing, Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is all filmed on iPhone 11 cellphones from the production team at their respective homes along with individual artists across the nation.

Apple TV+ has been growing as the entertainment platform for children in recent times. The brand new addition of Fraggle Rock: Rock On! is certainly aiding the streaming service to head in this direction.

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The family lineup of Apple TV+ already includes shows like 'Sesame Workshop's Helpsters,' 'Snoopy in Space,' and 'Ghostwriter.'

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