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'You' Ellie Alves Actress Jenna Ortega - Top 5 Facts

Alizeh Published On Sun Jan 12 2020   Modified On Mon Feb 10 2020
'You' Ellie Alves Actress Jenna Ortega - Top 5 Facts

The new psychological thriller series 'You' is creating a buzz among people. The relatable cast and an engaging storyline make You one of the most talked-about series currently. All of the characters are very fresh and different from a mainstream serial. Joe Goldberg's teenage neighbor in You season 2, Ellie, also got a lot of appreciation from the fans.

The 17-year-old Ellie, whose real name is Jenna Ortega, plays a 15-year-old bold teenager with aspirations to become a filmmaker. Jenna's been acting since she was 9, with plenty of guest spots on T.V. and, eventually, some significant roles.

jenna standing infront of joe smiling

Jenna as Ellie in YOU
Source: people

Ortega was a superfan of the show before joining the cast: "The day after I finished bingeing You, I got a call that they were looking for a girl around my age to be on this show that I had fallen in love with," she tells PEOPLE. "I remember looking at my mom and saying, 'I have to book this part."

Jenna wearing a cropped top and skirt. printed outfit with straight hair

Jenna Ortega red carpet moment 
Source: Morning picker

Jenna's done a lot of big and small roles on movies, and T.V. shows like stuck in the middle, Jane the virgin. However, most people came across her because of her bold and relatable character of Ellie in the series 'YOU.'

Here are the top 5 facts about Jenna Ortega that you probably didn't know.

5. She grew up in Coachella Valley, and she's a big fan of its namesake music and arts festival

Coachella is the biggest music festival in today's time. The celebrities, high stake security, fashion trends are there, and people can't get enough of this very event. Jenna grew up in the very valley that teenagers dream of going to. 

"I have seen some incredible acts that I feel like I would have never seen otherwise. One year I saw Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg. There's such a wide variety of music, and there's something new to appreciate every time we go. I don't think I'll ever be over the hype."

jenna in a green top black shorts and black boots holding up a peace sign

Jenna in Coachella 
Source: reddit 

One of her favorite performances was by R&B artist Daniel Caesar, who brought his powerhouse vocals and collaborator H.E.R. to an intimate set at the 2018 festival. "It was an amazing experience," she tells PEOPLE.

4. Jenna does not like shopping

Most teenagers love to shop and roam around the mall all day, just looking at clothes or shopping through their phones. Inspired by their favorite celebrities, teens often talk about wanting to buy something they saw or buying what they saw. However, Jenna is a different specimen of Teen 

jenna in refinery interview holding up her gucci bag

Jenna on Refinery 
Source: Refinery29

In a recent interview with Refinery, Jenna briefly explained how she do not like shopping. The 17-year-old in the meeting had to show all the things she put in her bag.

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She had a $1,110 Gucci fannypack. 'My mom got this bag for me like a gift for all the hard work that I have been doing. I don't like shopping, I think it's the most boring thing to do, and I never feel the urge to go and shop for myself.' She said.

3. She's an outspoken activist for LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights

The young star believes in using her platform to do well in the world and has advocated for LGBTQ+ and immigrant rights in particular. She supports's Pride Over Prejudice campaign, which promotes acceptance towards the LGBTQ+ community, and has spoken out against anti-immigrant rhetoric.

jenna on stage with a social activist on the WE event

Jenna Ortega with social Activist Skai 
Source: Getty image 

"At the end of the day, you are you. You've got to stay true to yourself, and you can't change yourself to fit in or to make someone else feel comfortable."

Ortega also got a Twitter to shout out from the youth political group Eighteen x 18, which praised her advocacy.

2. She Took a Stand Against Melania Trump

The First Lady Melania Trump, wife of President Donald Trump, has some similar problematic ideas like his wife. We have heard a lot of insensitive statements from these political leaders.

Still, while most teenagers don't pay much attention to the political statements, Jenna is aware of them and not afraid to clap back. 

jenna on the red carpet wearing her i do care and you should too jacket

Jenna on Radio Disney Music awards 
Source: Forbes 

During a 2018 visit to Texas to visit facilities that house migrant children, Melania Trump sported a Zara jacket that read, "I don't really care. Do you." To answer Melania's insensitive fashion statement, Jenna made her own. Jenna wore a custom jacket that was branded with the phrase, "I Do Care, And U Should Too" to the Radio Disney Music Awards.

1. She is terrified of elevators

Walking into elevators is not something people are scared of doing, but the millionaire actress Jenna, in a recent interview in Younger Hollywood, explained why she is terrified of entering an elevator. 

"I had this experience where the doors closed on me; it was not big doors; it was like a mini one. But the elevators doors closed on me when I was trying to get in and ever since then I am terrified of walking into elevators. So, now whenever I have to get into an elevator, I go after someone because I am so scared.'

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She added, 'I was not always afraid; it didn't even cross my mind while I had to do that before, but ever since that experienced, I am terrified of walking into elevators.' 

Even though Jenna's been acting since the age of 9, the series 'YOU' made her a breakout star this year. Her fierce, troubled teenage persona was very relatable to the audience, which got her a lot of followers. 

jenna wearing a greenish sweatshirt and hoops side eyeing the babysitter movie poster

Jenna ortenga for sequel of Babysitter 
Source: koimoi 

The good news for fans is that they will be seeing more of Jenna this year. Ortega has roles in two Netflix films next year: The Babysitter 2, a horror-comedy sequel to the 2017 film starring Bella Thorne as a satanic cult leader, and Yes Day, a comedy about what happens when parents have to do whatever their children demand, also starring Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramirez.

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