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Home net-worth Forty Quinn Star James Scully - How Much Did He Make From Netflix Series You?

Forty Quinn Star James Scully - How Much Did He Make From Netflix Series You?

Alizeh Published On Fri Feb 14 2020   Modified On Fri Feb 14 2020
Forty Quinn Star James Scully - How Much Did He Make From Netflix Series You?

Here's the complete breakdown of Forty Quinn star James Scully's net worth!

The Netflix series You created a huge buzz in the internet world, and people are very interested in the conspiracies of the series and its actors. Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti's work was much appreciated by the audience. 

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How much does Netflix pay James Scully?
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In all of this, the character of Forty Quinn is played by actor James Scully. He is one of the rising actors in Hollywood, Scully gained real fame following his role of the bad-boy JD in the Paramount Network series Heathers, in 2018. Let's see how rich James is.

James Scully Net Worth

According to be Networthbuzz, the exact amount of his net worth is yet to be revealed, but as per estimation made by various authorized online sources, it is reported James Scully possesses at least $0.5 million as net worth, with a few acting credits.  

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Netflix You cast
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Although Scully has hidden the information about his salary, the average payment of the actor in the United States is over $53,000 a year.

Scully owns a FJ Cruiser SUV whose inventory prices range from $23,285 to $39,505. The actor currently lives in Manhattan, NY, which is a pretty expensive place to be. 

James As JD for lifetime 
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We can also see the extravagant trips that James take around the world on his Instagram.

How much Did James Scully Earn from Netflix You?

James, who is currently in a relationship with Mel Weyn, played the character of Forty Quinn in the new season of You. Forty being our female lead. Love's brother and also the co-owner of a health food store which he inherited from his affluent parents.

Forty Quinn and Joe Goldberg.
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James Scully's portrayal of Forty Quinn is amazingly fabulous; he makes all the scenes with Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) fun in his twisted ways bringing an element of fun in the series.

We don't know how much James got paid for the series, but Netflix pays its actors an average of $20,000 to $30,000 per episode. James being an experienced actor, we suspect Scully gets paid a hefty amount of money.

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In the series, Forty Quinn dies in the end, which was a shocker to the viewers because forty was such a beloved character. Actor James Scully did a fantastic job portraying the character in You, maybe Scully will return in the third season just like Candace did.

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