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Home net-worth Diego Tinoco Net Worth — The Complete 'On My Block' Salary Breakdown

Diego Tinoco Net Worth — The Complete 'On My Block' Salary Breakdown

Sea Published On Tue Mar 17 2020   Modified On Fri May 29 2020
Diego Tinoco Net Worth — The Complete 'On My Block' Salary Breakdown

While the world is pondering over whether Diego Tinoco is dating someone or not, there's this little thing to acknowledge that he's just started in the industry. And with the little fame, there's also the matter of how much he's earned as of yet.

Tinoco has been a darling for many female fans out there since his appearance as 'Cesar Diaz' on 'On My Block'. While he's started out as an actor a couple of years earlier, his presence is relatively new in the industry.

Diego Tinoco during an 'On My Block' Premiere.

'On My Block' is Tinoco's first major project and ultimately the biggest breakthrough.
Photo Source: Getty Images

Born on November 25, 1997, the youngster started out as a teen on 'On My Block'. With his series lining up other coming-of-age Netflix series for people to watch, he's gained significant popularity in social media as well.

Diego Tinoco's Net Worth of $850,000 Is Only Just the Beginning; The 'On My Block' Salary

As of March 2020, Diego Tinoco controls a net worth of $850,000 under no exaggeration, earned from his three seasons on 'On My Block', as well as the sponsorships & endorsements on social media.

'Cesar' held at gunpoint with stash of money taped to his chest.

Diego Tinoco's got a lot of opportunities hereon.
Photo: On My Block, Netflix

While 'On My Block' was his biggest break in the industry, he's only appeared on one show before. He fulfilled the guest role of 'Mateo' on one 'Teen Wolf' episode in 2016. However, he did feature in two other short videos before auditioning for his current starring role. In fact, his debut came with a short movie, 'Drizzle of Hope', in 2015.

According to reports, Tinoco, along with four other main cast members of 'On My Block', were getting $20,000 per episode from the first two seasons, both of which included 10 episodes. That's $400,000 for all two seasons for Tinoco. Then, there was a significant rise in all the stars' salaries when the third season was around.

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While this one only had eight episodes, each of them was set for at least $650,000 for the entire season, or $81,250 per episode.

There isn't much to say about the actor in terms of his looks. You'd immediately see why everyone is falling for the guy. And his character 'Cesar' is also someone kind of similar to who he is in real life, but he still continues to consider 'Cesar' a completely different individual when you hear him talk about the experience of playing the character.

And you'd be surprised to know that he wants to be so much of a better dancer, because he was required to pass a little dance test for his part, and his parents are really quite good at it.

How Much He Gathers from Social Media Sponsorships

Social media has been a boon for this generation to earn something on the side. If you're famous, that is. And it's equally important for the brands that approach them to endorse their products. It lets them reach a wider audience, who, in turn, could obtain maximum benefits too.

Diego Tinoco sitting on the hood of a BMW car.

Is that his BMW?
Photo Source: Diego Tinoco, Instagram

Tinoco is fairly active on Instagram since joining in late 2013. And most of his earlier posts include him playing skateboard. The guy loves it.

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With all the fame he's garnered, Tinoco earns an average of around $5,300 due to sponsorships from each of his posts on his page, Diego Tinoco, with 2 million followers and over 150 posts.

Of Mixed Ethnicity, Tinoco's Casting Included a Kissing Scene with Sierra Capri Which Was the Deal Maker

When there's a need of such a passionate love story as presented on the show, the casting directors know they have to select the best of the pack. And Tinoco absolutely killed it with his on-screen partner, Sierra Capri, who plays 'Monse Finnie'. Do you even have to wonder why people think the two are dating in real life?

And you gotta give credit to mixed genes to have given him the face. His parents incredibly supported his acting pursuit. And he's made their sacrifices all the more worth it as he is really very proud of his Latino roots.

Diego owes a great deal for his parent's support.
Photo Source: Diego Tinoco, Instagram

By ethnicity, his mother is from Ecuador, and his father is a Mexican immigrant having crossed the border. And he's still saving up for his mother to have that dream beach house.

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Back to the auditions, the two stars, Diego & Sierra, met up during the show's chemistry read, where potential auditioning actors pair up and test how well they work out in a romantic scene. The kissing scene between them there was so intense that the "casting had to wait until they stopped making out," writes a Teen Vogue story.

With such a passionate relationship, we might've just forgiven 'Cesar' for cheating on 'Monse'. Season 3 aired on Netflix a few days ago, and there was this feeling the ending gave that really played out as if it is an entire series finale (which would ultimately rule out a possible $650,000 to $850,000 income fourth season and $1.05 million more for the fifth, if there would be). You gotta see it for yourself. So sorry, no spoilers here.

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