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Ambyr Childers Net Worth - How Much Did the Candace Star Make From Netflix You?

Alizeh Published On Wed Feb 05 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
Ambyr Childers Net Worth - How Much Did the Candace Star Make From Netflix You?

The new Netflix series 'You' got the audience captivated with their twisted writing and cast members to match the characters. Ever since the series aired, the cast of You’s getting a lot of attention.

One of the prominent characters in the series is Candace, played by Ambyr Childers. In the first season of You, Candace had a short screen time as we could only see her for a little bit in the end.

ambyr as candace wearing black jacket and red lip

How much Ambyr Childers make as Candace?
Source: Womens Health mag

However, in the second season, we saw a lot of Candace gaining recognition from the audience. Let’s look into how much the star earns from this popular show. 

Ambyr Childers Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Ambyr is worth $5 million. Childers made her debut in 2000 from L.A. She appeared in the episode “Clever Camp.”

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Since her debut, Ambyr appeared in several movies, and T.V. shows like 'All Things Fall Apart,' 'Setup,' 'Freelancers,' 'The Master,' 'Broken City', 'All My Children,' 'Aquarius,' and 'Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.' 

Ambyr's movie 'We Are What We Are.'
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Apart from being an actor, Ambyr is also an entrepreneur. The 31-year-old started her namesake (Ambyr Childers Jewelry) jewelry line with a desire to create timeless pieces that inspire and empower those who wear them.

ambyr wearing her brand jewelry with a green shirt and yellow pants

Ambyr Childer for her jewelry brand 
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Childer earns a pretty good amount of money from her business, and it is prevalent among people who prefer minimalistic, classy pieces of jewelry. 

The actress recently got a 6,500-square-foot Bel-Air home in L.A. whose average estimated price is $7 to $9 million.

How Much Did the Candace Star Make From Netflix You?

Ambyr got a lot of hype because of the season 2 of You series, starring alongside Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti and James Scully, the actress held equal importance in the storyline. 

candace from You

Ambyr as Candace
Source: Pop Sugar 

The average salary of an actor is around $30,000 to $67,000 annually in the United States of America. With an experience of 19 years, Ambyr surely earns above the average pay range. 

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On average, Netflix pays its actors $300,000 to $1 million per episode according to the popularity of the show and how much people like the character. 

There aren’t any specific numbers when it comes to how much Ambyr gets paid for You, but we can assume that she is up there in the salary sheet. 

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Starring in one of the most trending show all around the world, Ambyr’s expanded her popularity. 

Playing a significant role in the Netflix hit is a big thing, and now we’re only hoping something more amazing from her.

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