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Tokyo Vanity - 5 Rarely Known Facts

Alizeh Published On Sun Jan 26 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 26 2020
Tokyo Vanity - 5 Rarely Known Facts

Tokyo Vanity, the American musical artist and a reality television personality who rose to fame after releasing the song 'That's My Best Friend,' which was a massive hit. Vanity got her second breakthrough after she appeared in the hit VH1 show 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LAHHA)'.

tokyo sitting on a chair with long hair

Unknown facts about Tokyo Vanity 
Photo Source: Instagram

We all know how Vanity is an outspoken and fearless personality who always speaks her mind. However, there are certain things about Vanity that you might not know. 

Nobody Knows Her Real Name

The millionaire rapper is known as Tokyo Vanity, which can only be a stage name. Her real name is not revealed until now. While there have been speculations that her real name is Shantell Allen, however, she hasn't confirmed it by herself. 

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First 'Virgin' cast of LAHHA Franchise History

Tokyo Vanity who's been in multiple relationships openly talks about her virginity on social media. It would be strange to know that the rapper is a virgin. But the 'Get the Money' rapper is the one and only virgin cast member in the Love & Hip Hop franchise history. 

Tokyo Vanity is famous for her appearance on LAHHA.

Tokyo Vanity is famous for her appearance on LAHHA. 
Photo Source: Instagram

No one else in the show's history has been a virgin, and hence, she set the record of being the first-ever virgin in the LAHH franchise.

Crayon Case: The makeup Line

The Crayon case is Vanity's makeup, which she works on with her best friend and New Orleans native Wuzzam Supa, whose real name is Raynell Steward

youtuber holding the crayon case pallette in her hand

Tokyo's makeup palette review by beauty gurus.
Photo Source: Instagram

The product was a huge deal when the palette came out as many beauty influencers gave it rave reviews, and each one was well-deserved. However, it did not blow up like the Kylie or Jeffrey Star cosmetics.

Tokyo Vanity's Homophobia

Vanity, in her Instagram live, made some controversial comments about "hidden messages" in today's children's programming, claiming that they are "persuading children to be gay." 

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star lost her "cool card" after she took to her Instagram Story to express some hateful and ignorant statements about the LGBT community.

tokyo wearing a yellow hat on her instagram live video talking to fans

Tokyo in her Instagram live
Photo Source: Youtube 

In a random rant, she discussed how, in her opinion, today's cartoons have a lot of "gay s**t" that persuades children to "become" gay, themselves. 

The Lawsuit 

Tokyo Vanity was involved in a quarrel with famous American rapper Young Thug when the latter released a music video titled 'Best Friend' shortly after the release of 'That's MyBest Friend.'

Though the songs don't sound alike, Vanity threatened a lawsuit and came up with belittling posts on social media. 

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The rapper is currently going through a rigorous weight loss journey, wanting to lose 30lbs in 30 days. Vanity's always been all about body positivity;

However, the decision to lose weight is not because of her insecurities but because of the health hazards the 23-year-old might face.

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