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Who Is Sierra Gates' Daughter? Facts to Know about Her

Eric Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 21 2022
Who Is Sierra Gates' Daughter? Facts to Know about Her

Who is Sierra Gates' Daughter? To know about her, we have to get some idea of who is Sierra first. She is a television personality, author, and CEO who, on her own, achieved great success in her profession. Gates faced many obstacles on her way, still with her confidence, she managed to launch her cosmetics line, 'Sierra's Secrets Cosmetics'. 

Furthermore, she also appears in the VH1 series 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta', where she became one of the full-time cast members of the show. So, 30-year-old Gates is pretty successful in her career field and is hustling every day to stay at the top of her industry.

Now coming to Gates' daughter, 14, Paris Gates, unlike her mom, she rarely makes her appearance in the media. However, young Gates' recent incident in her high school made her a trending topic for many news which brings us here. Therefore, on this page, we share with you some facts you might want to know about Sierra's young daughter, Paris.

Sierra Was Pregnant with Paris at 15 

Paris Gates is the eldest daughter of the CEO and TV personality Sierra Gates.

14-years-old Paris is the first child of Sierra Gates.
Photo Source: Sierra Gates, Instagram

Before we tell you about the recent incident that happened with Sierra's daughter Paris Gates, let us delve into some details on her, so that we can know her a little better. The first thing you might want to know is that Paris's mother was only 15-years-old when she got pregnant with her.

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Born on 24 May 1989 in Decatur, Georgia, Sierra used to live with her family. She was attending her high school and living a normal life, which suddenly changed when at an early age, she became pregnant with her first child, Paris.

The whole world of Sierra went upside down, she was dropped out from her high school, and even her parents kicked her out of their house. Gates became homeless for some period. However, she never gave up on Paris and welcomed her; later, she began to work hard with no support from her daughter with a beautiful life.

Her Step-father Cheated on Her Mother

Paris Gates step-father cheated on her mother Sierra Gates.

Sierra with her Ex, Shooter Gates, and son, Mason Gates.
Photo Source: Glamour Path

As we mentioned, Paris Gates' mama Sierra, who enjoys a net worth of $1 million, has been through a lot at a young age. Still, she managed to win against all the odds and raised her daughter on her own. Though she looks after her angel all alone, she previously shared her small family with a guy who goes by Shooter Gates in the media.

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The ex-pair was happily married for around seven years and together shared two children. They ended their marriage when Paris's mother, Sierra found out Shooter and her assistant Moriah had been having an affair for about a year in the sixth season of the show 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta'. 

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After legally separating from Shooter, Gates started to date BK Brasco in the eighth season of the VH1 series LHHATL. The new couple also faced an on-and-off in their relationship. After the divorce Sierra is the one who pays child support, as her income is higher than her ex.

Paris Was Accused of Being a Bully

Now, focus on the recent story which brought you guys in this article. Paris Gates, daughter of the successful celebrity Sierra (Plastic surgery), was accused of being a bully in her high school. The incident made massive news, Paris, who is gaining her academic education at North Atlanta High School, tried to have six girls from her class jump her friend before the latter's mother came to her rescue and attacked Paris as per Ace Show Biz.

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Nevertheless, like a coin, every story has two sides; as a result, where many people went against Sierra's oldest daughter Paris and blamed her troublemaker and bully. Her mother alleges, her angel was attacked in high school by her colleague & a parent in the high school bathroom, and Paris is the victim in the respective incident, according to Amo Mama.

However, the truth is still under the curtain, and the Atlanta public school's police department is investigating the physical altercation. Therefore, the actual answer might soon make its entrance in the mass, which we will attempt to update you guys with, as soon as it hits in any media.

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