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Sierra Gates Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

Bran Published On Wed Apr 22 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 22 2020
Sierra Gates Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

There are very few TV stars who are into entrepreneurship on their own, and Sierra Gates is one of them. Let's see how much she adds to her net worth from all her involvements.

Celebrity makeup artist Sierra Gates is more prosperous than you would assume her to be because she isn't involved in one or two areas only. Born on May 24, 1989, the American diva joined the 6th season of 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' as the opportunity literally came knocking on her door, which eventually changed her whole life.

The life of Sierra Gates, especially the past, was troublesome since she got pregnant at the young age of 15. However, since she found a profession in her passion of cosmetics and makeup, she established herself quite well and began to achieve significant heights. Thanks to all the struggle and midnight oil she burnt, Gates not just got accustomed to global fame but also amassed an enormous fortune. Let's get into the details right away.

Love & Hip Hop's Sierra Gates Is a Millionaire by Net Worth

Kudos to her expertise in makeup and cosmetics, Sierra Gates, earned an integral spot in the famous TV show, 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta', since the sixth season. As a supporting cast, she works alongside ZonniqueToya Wright, and Reginae Carter in the salon. While the exact figures aren't disclosed, the fan-favorite diva owns an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2020.

Sierra Gates in a gold one-piece for a picture.

TV star Sierra Gates amasses a staggering net worth of $1 million.
Photo Source: Sierra Gates, Instagram

One of her vital source of earnings is the television show itself. While the lead characters like Lil Scrappy and Mimi Faust make around $100,000 per season, Gates must be earning a salary in the similar range as well. Already three seasons into the show, Gates made enough fortune out of the television since the cast salary depends heavily on star power and longevity.

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Actor Sierra Gates didn't start strong initially, since she used to work for malls to earn a living. Surprisingly, she used to do makeup at a strip club as well, earning around $400 - $600. Furthermore, following the years long of success, Gates became an author as well, writing a book titled, 'Behind the Glame.' Since the book comprised of her backstory and struggles, it was a big hit selling all around the world. It's unknown if the book made it to the stores though.

Sierra Gates: A Successful Entrepreneur

Sierra Gates in a white pant and a colorful top poses at her house.

Sierra Gates joined Love & Hip Hop in the sixth season.
Photo Source: Sierra Gates, Instagram

Unlike most of the celebrities, Sierra Gates didn't limit herself to 'Love & Hip Hop'. In fact, she saved a significant sum of money and invested it in embarking her entrepreneurial venture titled 'The Glam Shop'. Gates serves as the CEO of the firm, which sells several accessories such as e-books, vendor lists, webinars, etc. Before the online business, she became the owner of 'Sierra's Secrets Cosmetics', which gave her the exposure to join the TV show as well.

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Considering the rate at which the 29-year-old is heading, the day isn't near when Gates becomes a multi-millionaire. When she started 'Sierra's Secrets', even she didn't believe that it would be the most extravagant salon as it is today but was just a start of something big. For someone who used to be homeless at the age of 15, it is an inspiration for how Gates paved her path to becoming so accomplished on her own feet.

Sierra Gates: Divorced and Pays Child Support

Actress Sierra Gates went through a hard past in her married life as she gave birth to her first child at the age of 15. However, she couldn't raise her child properly since she caught her husband Shooting Gates cheating on her.

Actress Sierra Gates poses a picture with daughter.

Sierra Gates became pregnant at the age of 15 which caused a conflict with her parents.
Photo Source: Amamama

Gates' daughter, who was the victim of a nasty brawl at a school in April 2020, shares her childhood with both her parents from time to time. Fortunately, Sierra earned the right of co-parenting her child, as the highest earner in the family, she needed to pay around $128 monthly for child support.

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