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Home tv-series 'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Danay Garcia Reveals New Quarantine Routine

'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Danay Garcia Reveals New Quarantine Routine

BK Published On Tue Apr 21 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 21 2020
'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Danay Garcia Reveals New Quarantine Routine

Danay Garcia reveals a new routine amid the coronavirus quarantine.

'Fear the Walking Dead' star Danay Garcia is spending her quarantine in Austin, Texas, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The production of the AMC drama is currently on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, the 35-year-old star is enjoying lots of free time, and she appears to be making the best use of it.

To remain healthy in both mind and body as well as to lift her spirits, Garcia has created a new quarantine routine that includes all sorts of stuff from gardening to conversing with fans.

The actress used to wake up extremely early to get ready for the filming of 'Fear the Walking Dead' at around 4 am and the subsequent period on set was rather long; hence, her current schedule is completely contrasting.

Garcia told Fox News, "Now that I have my mornings back, the first thing that I do is stretch." She also makes her own bed every morning because it makes her feel better. This is followed by a 50, 30, or 20-minute workout depending on her mood.

Danay is quite fond of the Alo Moves app that helps motivate her while providing fitness tips. This is an alternative she's conjured up since she can't go on a run in the morning.

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During this uncertain period, Garcia's minor routine helps her fight off anxiety and negative thoughts that would otherwise play on her mind. In fact, she's found a way to keep her mind occupied by listening to audiobooks at home whenever she moves around or cleans or does stuff.

The actress seems to have found some new interests as well, most notably gardening and calligraphy. In addition, she is fond of buying flowers for herself and recommends everyone to do the same.

The Cuban native picks up a bouquet whenever she takes off to the grocery store. Filling your house with colors apparently brings positive vibes into your life.

Meanwhile, the actress also holds video conversation with her followers three times a week to remain connected with her FTWD fans. Interacting with people is definitely one way to not feel lonely during this period of self-isolation.

Garcia concluded, "We can get through this because, in the end, we are in this together. This is the first time in history that we are all dealing with the same issue, which is the virus. We're not alone in this."

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