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Nikkia Cole-Beach — Facts to Know about Dorinda Clark-Cole's Daughter

Alizeh Published On Mon Apr 20 2020   Modified On Thu Apr 07 2022
Nikkia Cole-Beach — Facts to Know about Dorinda Clark-Cole's Daughter

Dorinda Clark–Cole is America's beloved gospel singer, musician, songwriter, and evangelist. Clark–Cole is best known as a member of the family vocal group 'The Clark Sisters'.

Clark–Cole is the winner of three Grammy Awards and is known to the music world as the "Rose of Gospel Music."

nikkia wearing a black and white stripped top with a black ruffled pants

Nikkia Cole-Beach lesser-known facts 
Source: Instagram 

Dorinda, with her husband, has two beautiful children, daughter Nikkia Cole-Beach and son Gregory Cole Jr. Let us look into the lesser-known facts about the famous gospel singer's daughter Nikkia. 

6. Nikkia Has Her Own Song

Dorinda being a fantastic singer, it is inevitable that it has significantly influenced her children. the 

Nikki is also musically gifted; she released a song called 'Good thang Anthem,' which she wrote, getting inspiration from her talented mother and representing women worldwide, which was produced by her brother Gregory.

5. Nikkia Is a Huge Snoop Dogg Fan

The American gospel singer's daughter Nikkia is a massive fan of Snoop Dogg. We can see Nikkia along with Dogg on her Instagram as well.

nikkia with snoop dog backstage, snoop hugging nikki from the side

Nikkia with Snoop Dogg 
Source: Instagram

Nikki was seen with Snoop at a music festival and wrote the caption.

Work & fun times love ya, Unc. I know it’s still a kid of hard being Snoop DO Double G But somehow & someway you keep coming with this funky (blah blah), just go cop #BibleofLove

She also references the artist in her social media and pictures.

4. Nikkia Is a Capricorn

Born in January, Nikkia's horoscope is Capricorn. Capricorns are known to be a combination of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness; this horoscope is known to like having things under their control and are pretty much grounded.

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This explains Nikki, despite being a celebrity kid, hasn't been in any crazy controversy despite being celebrity kid that Nikki.

nikkia with mother dorinda with a big mothers day caption

Nikkia's post for mother Dorinda on Mother's day
Source: Instagram 

Star kids are most often known to be troublesome and kind of a wild child, but Cole's been a grounded child even though her mother is a big celebrity. Maybe we can give props to her star sign while looking at her life and how she's conducting it.

3. She Herself Has Two Beautiful Children

The influencer has two amazing kids, son Menace and daughter Kashmir with her husband, Fasskash Beach.

nikkia and husband fasskash in the car

Nikkia with husband Fasskash Beach.
Source: Instagram

The couple's been together for over a decade now, and looking at her Instagram, it looks like they've had a very good relationship over the years, and the love is only growing more.

fasskash holding daughter kashmir wearing pink bandanas

Nikkia's husband Fasskash and daughter Kashmir.
Source: Instagram 

The couple's doing a great job with their kids, and surprisingly Nikkia's husband is also a Capricorn, as she mentions on her social media.

2. Nikkia Is a 'Coco Chanel' Lover 

Nikki's love for the brand 'Coco Chanel' is too real. The singer's Instagram handle is @cocoshanellllll, and scrolling through her Instagram feed, you can see a lot of Coco Chanel brands, from bags to clothes to shoes. 

nikkia showing her outfit on instagram

Nikkia flaunting her COCO on Instagram 
Source: Instagram 

Cole is obsessed with the brand and has also created a hashtag for her daughter '# Kashmirandco' which we think refers to the brand Coco Chanel. She also rocks other brands, but Coco is still her number 1.

1. Nikkia's Had Her Teeth Done

Nikkia had beautiful bunny teeth with a little bit of tooth gap, which she was seemingly insecure about. When we scroll through her social media, we can see her before the braces with a prominent gap in between her teeth, which she later got fixed wearing braces.

In an Instagram post, she wrote the caption.

Back to this, Look, I'm not ashamed to say I had them b4. I want to be a help to someone who is wearing retainers or about to get them. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THEM, ( for example when u eat or just taking out to breath for min, do not lay on table & wrap in a napkin, please put it up in its case immediately ) and if u do lose them, then REPLACE RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT WAIT DAYS, MONTHS, OR YEARS LATER TO GET THEM OR YOU WILL WHINE UP LIKE ME

Nikkia is an amazingly talented personality, hugely influenced by her mother's career, and she has also taken on releasing her song 'Good Thang,"  'which is meant to represent and appreciate women all around the world. The singer is using her platform to do better things. 

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