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Home lifestyle Lindsay Lohan's Stepmother Kate Major - Top 5 Facts

Lindsay Lohan's Stepmother Kate Major - Top 5 Facts

Alizeh Published On Thu Feb 13 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 27 2022
Lindsay Lohan's Stepmother Kate Major - Top 5 Facts

Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother Kate Major’s been making headlines ever since she got married to Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan. The Lohan family is no stranger to controversy.

Lindsay Lohan and her parents have a long history of in-fighting, substance abuse, and shocking romantic relationships. 

kate wearing a black shirt

Kate Major. 
Source: Just Jared 

While Kate Major Lohan is seemingly new to the family, after marrying dad Michael in 2014, she is no less a magnet for drama than the rest of the clan. Let’s look into some of the lesser-known things about her. 

5. Kate Used to Have Anxiety

Being the wife of Michael Lohan, it’s evident that Kate has her private plane moments and a lot of holidays overseas, but from a post she shared on Instagram, Kate shares how she used to have so much anxiety getting on planes. 

‘Claustrophobia would kick in. Just that feeling of being trapped! 

Major added, "It took me a while to get over it. it wasn’t the place it was me!"

4. Kate Met Husband Michael Through Lindsay

Michael Lohan and Kate first met when she was still working as an entertainment news reporter, and met through Lindsay Lohan. 

kate with michael lohan

Kate and Michael Lohan 
Source: Yahoo Finance 

The couple eventually got engaged over Easter in 2010 followed by the wedding in 2014.

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3. Kate Hooked Up with Jon Gosselin

Kate, as a journalist, was doing a magazine story on Gosselin. Subsequently, Major hooked up with then-reality TV celebrity Jon Gosselin

kate with jon posing for the paparazzi

Kate Major with Jon Gosselin 
Source: NY Daily News

Kate, who's worth $300,000, was doing a story on him for the magazine when they met, and the two were photographed around New York, and then she said at the time Lohan was a close friend.

2. Kate is a Fierce Trump Supporter 

On her social media Lohan, who sells skin care products, paints an idyllic family life in photographs of Michael Lohan and their kids, is also a great supporter of the Trump presidency, quoting and retweeting his tweets.

1. Lohan Described Herself as a ‘White Supremacist’

Lohan went on a graphically expletive-laden racist and homophobic rant last summer, threatened to kill police, and was taken into custody under Florida’s Baker Act. Police said they were taking her under the Baker Act because she wanted to “kill other people and us.”

Kate Major's Mugshot 
Source: Yahoo Finance 

“Bitch, I’d like to kill you.” She also called the African-American police officer, who is calm and poised as she spews hate speech at him.

She said with a white hood covering her face. “I’d love to be more a part of white supremacy because you’re all a bunch of fuc*ing monkeys.”

The Lohan family is always making headlines with their crazy life; Kate being an outsider, is equally absurd, continuing with the shenanigans of the extra Lohans.

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