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Late American Actor Jason Davis - Top 5 Facts

Alizeh Published On Wed Feb 19 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 19 2020
Late American Actor Jason Davis - Top 5 Facts

Jason Davis was an American actor, best known for his role as the voice of 'Mikey Blumberg' from the animated television series Recess. On the morning of Feb. 16, his mother, Nancy Davis Rickel, confirmed in a heartbreaking statement to Variety.

The actor, who voiced the character of Michael "Mikey" Blumberg in the Disney series Recess from 1997-2003, passed away in Los Angeles. Davis was a very versatile actor with a beautiful personality.

How did Jason Davis die? 
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Hollywood, unfortunately lost such an impeccable actor at a young age of 35. Let's look into some of the lesser-known facts about the late actor.

5. His Grandparents Owned 20th Century Fox

Actor Jason was born with a silver spoon and a passion for acting in his DNA. He was the grandson of Barbara and Marvin Davis, a former owner of 20th Century Fox. 

jasons grandparents, marvin and barbra

Jason's Grandparents
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Reportedly only after four years of purchase, he sold it to Rupert Murdoch for-profit believed to be more than $300 million in 1985.

4. Struggles with Addiction

Davis publicly battled an addiction to heroin, OxyContin and Xanax years ago, has appeared on VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010. 

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He was a cast member on the fourth season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2010, after his death, the authorities speculate that his death might be because of a possible heroin overdose. 

3. He Started an Organization

Being a victim of drug addiction himself, Jason co-founded the charity Cure Addiction Now in the year 2018. 

jason walking on the street looking sickly and bruises in his hand

Jason's Drug Addiction
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Davis dedicated himself to the organization, which would be funding groundbreaking research to find therapies to help stop the cycle of substance use disorder and help people not only detox but stay in permanent recovery.

2. In addition to Recess, He Appeared on Various Television Shows

Davis is known for his role as Mikey Blumberg in the Disney series Recess. But he starred in many other television shows. 

jason on millionaire matchmaker holding teddy bears

Jason Davis on Millionaire Matchmaker 
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He was a part of Millionaire Matchmaker, Jessabelle, celebrity rehab, and Roseanne. He also appeared in some film versions of Recess.

1. He was Working on a New Show

The actor was working on a new television show called 'Two Jasons' at the time of his death, Variety reported. Knowing how talented an actor Jason is, the show would be great. However, we will never get to see what it would be like. 

left jason davis right mikey on stage singing

Jason as Mikey on Recess
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The sudden demise of Jason came as a shock to all his fans and family. Jason's mother, Nancy made a statement,

"I am so heartbroken to share the saddest news of my life that my son Jason Davis passed away this morning in Los Angeles. Jason had a true heart of gold with such a zest for life. He was such a caring soul to everybody who ever knew him. He loved his friends and his family above all else. We ask for privacy as we take time to grieve this most devastating loss."

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We'll always remember the great actor through his work that will live on forever.

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