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Home net-worth Angela Amezcua Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

Angela Amezcua Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

Eric Published On Wed Apr 15 2020   Modified On Wed Apr 15 2020
Angela Amezcua Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown

Today's readers might remember Angela Amezcua from the reality TV series 'Bachelor in Paradise'. She is one of the contestants of the romantic drama, but before Amezcua aired in the recent season of the show, she did appear in the previous sequence of the TV series, 'The Bachelor' in 2017.

Except for Amezcua's blooming acting career, she is better known for her modeling profession. Further, Angela garners public attention from her YouTube content too. Yes, the 30-year-old Bachelor star is also a YouTuber who provides several beauty tips to her subscribers.

Angela is doing great in her professional life, lots of people love her work; however, the world knows so, less about her personal life, which created anxiety inside of her fans. Subsequently, many of Amezcua's followers even wanted to know her earnings so that they can pursue a similar career like her and make their living.

However, there isn't any fixed report which declares Angela Amezcua's income. Still, with some in-depth research we brought you information related to her net worth. So, without any further ado, let's delve into the topic. 

How Much Does Angela Amezcua Make from Her Profession?

We mentioned to earlier, details on the income of Angela Amezcua isn't perfectly pointed out in any media, because of which, no one can tell how much the former Bachelor contestant make? 

Angela Amezcua has a decent net worth of $400,000 in 2020.

Bachelor beauty, Amezcua has several sources of income.
Photo Source: Instagram of Angela Amezcua  

Nevertheless, we can still forecast her earnings from different work she is involved in, which helps her generate money for living. Therefore, to know her net worth, we need to know how much people in the same field as Amezcua earns, and like we told you, she is a model, YouTuber, Social media influencer, and a member of the popular TV franchise 'Bachelor in Paradise'.

Earnings of Angela Amezcua As a Model

The beautiful Bachelorette, Angela Amezcua, began her career as a model. She has a gorgeous look and a ideal body figure, which fits her so well in the modeling profession. Of course, she did later have a 5-pound weight loss story to better her figure.

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Now focusing on how much a model earns, on average, they make around $50,647 annually, as per Pay Scale. As Angela is in the business for some time and stands above ordinary, she might make more than those numbers yearly. 

Angela make more than $50,647 annually from her modeling career.

High portion of Angela earnings are based on her modeling career.
Photo Source: Instagram account of Angela Amezcua

Modeling is Amezcua's primary source of income, which boosts her net worth, and she was in this field before we even knew her from on screen, so we can picture that Angela does make quite a lot as a model. 

Earnings of Angela Amezcua As a YouTuber 

Another income source of Angela Amezcua is YouTube, where she posts several videos focused on beauty tips and products. Yes, the beauty queen loves to share her beauty secrets and also loves to review different beauty products available in the market. 

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As a YouTuber, Amezcua had smashed quite a milestone in a short time. She started her channel on October 18, 2018, and in two years gap, Angela managed to gain more than 13.9K subscribers in 2020. 

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However, YouTube earnings fluctuate up and down respective to the views one makes in their videos. Still, according to Social Blade, in good years, Amezcua makes around $689 annually from ad revenue, which is a decent income to boost her net worth. 

Earnings of Angela Amezcua from Her Social Media 

Bachelor star Angela Amezcua is active on several social media platforms and garners lots of followers from her daily content. On Instagram, Amezcua has around 202K followers till date, in 2020, because of her huge numbers of fans in her account, she does utilize it to monetize her bank account. 

We mean, you might know that social media influencer do use their social accounts for earning some on the side by promoting several products and different companies, like from the increased sales the brands obtain from social media promotion. 

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As it is a trend now which helped lots of social media personalities to support a quality living, Angela also falls into this category. If we watch Amezcua Instagram post, then we can see her various advertising products and places she tried, which will be beneficial to her followers.

In her recent post, she even promoted Secret Deodorant's newest Aluminum-free essential oils deodorant. As a result, she might make some decent income from her social media.

Earnings from 'Bachelor in Paradise' 

Angela Amezcua made an impressive impact in the popular reality show 'Bachelor in Paradise', which assisted her in garnering more fans in her list. Further, it also helps her to increase her income. According to Insider, some contestants in season one earned a paycheck between $7,000 to $15,000

Clay and Angela's Big Showdown - Bachelor in Paradise

However, most of the 'Bachelor in Paradise' stars might still make an income that comes around those numbers. If we believe Amezcua is generating a similar amount from her work in the series, then it did push up her net worth a little bit higher. As for her work in other shows of the franchise, we know they don't get a dime for 'The Bachelor'.

Net Worth of the Bachelor Star Angela Amezcua 

Amezcua might accumulate a decent net worth of $400,000 in 2020.

In 2020, Amezcua controls a decent net worth of $400,000.
Photo Source: Pinterest

We know by now that Angela Amezcua is doing fine with her career and is generating enough wealth to support a healthy living. However, as we stated earlier, there isn't any actual earnings figure in any media. So, estimating her current pile of greens, Amezcua's accumulated a decent net worth of $400,000, as of 2020.

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