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Busta Rhymes Net Worth - How Rich is the American Rapper?

Christina Published On Sun Nov 01 2020   Modified On Sun Nov 01 2020
Busta Rhymes Net Worth - How Rich is the American Rapper?

Here's all to know about the details on the net worth collection of American Rapper Busta Rhymes. 

People all over the world know Busta Rhymes (Does Busta Rhymes Have a Wife?) as one of the most celebrated artists of hip hop. With fans jamming along with his award-winning singles like ‘What’s It Gonna Be,’ ‘Look at Me Now’ and ‘Don’t Cha’ the singer surely come off a long way in his career. 

Did you know that critics call Busta one of the greatest MCs of all time? Starting his musical interest from 1990 by joining a hip hop crew, Leaders of The New School, to becoming one of the greatest hits album producers, he's surely come off a long way. Not only professionally but also financially. 

So, today we take you on a tour of the net worth stacks of one of the most talented musicians out there, Busta Rhymes. 

What Is The Net Worth Collection of Hip Hop Singer Busta Rhymes?

According to Wealthy Gorilla, the world-renowned rapper Trevor George Smith Jr. aka Busta Rhymes is worth a staggering net worth collection of $20 million as of 2021. He's garnered most of his earnings by selling record deals, albums, sponsorships, endorsements, royalties, performances, and many more.

Busta Rhymes enjoys his total asset in millions.

Busta Rhymes enjoys his total asset in millions. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Not to miss that the 48-year-old has also tried out his luck in the acting industry as well. He can be seen in movies like Strapped, Higher Learning, Finding Forrester, Halloween: Resurrection, and Breaking Point.

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Busta also founded the record label Conglomerate which was initially known as Flipmode Entertainment and production crew. 

Busta Rhymes Financial Issues

It seems like when you're in charge of such a massive amount of net worth, you slip out in numbers. It looks to be the same case for the rapper as well. In May 2014, sources revealed that he owns a huge amount totaling $789,577 in income taxes to the US government. 

Busta Rhymes was involved in a tax issue in 2008.

Busta Rhymes was involved in a tax issue in 2008. 
Photo Source: Instagram

Later on, the IRS made an official claim that the singer was subjected to pay a sum of $611,000 in taxes for 2008 and $178,000 for 2012. Even though the matter caught the media's attention at that time, Busta did not make any comments on whether it was a misunderstanding or it was his financial situation like that. It seems like he's back on track since there isn't any news of his tax payment issue in the media.

Luxurious Amenities Owned By Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes is a proud owner of a magnificent house in Malibu. The abode was bought at a smashing price of $10.995 million that features three bedrooms, one living room, three bathrooms, an equipped kitchen, a garage, and a swimming pool.

Busta Rhymes is also an avid collector of designer sneakers.

Busta Rhymes is also an avid collector of designer sneakers. Photo Source: Instagram

The American rapper also owns a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom to his collection of cars. A favorite among celebrities, this car, apart from its high price tag of $400,000, comes off to befit a superstar lifestyle. Besides that, he also owns a customized Green Lamborghini Aventador. 

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