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Christine Quinn Says Fans Can Expect to See 'Different Side' of Her on 'Selling Sunset' Season 2

BK Published On Tue May 26 2020   Modified On Tue May 26 2020
Christine Quinn Says Fans Can Expect to See 'Different Side' of Her on 'Selling Sunset' Season 2

Will we see a different version of Christine Quinn on the second season of Selling Sunset?

Fans of the Netflix reality series 'Selling Sunset' know Christine Quinn is quite serious about selling some of the most sought-after real estate in Hollywood. Speaking with Fox News, the reality star claimed fans will see a "different side" of her next season.

The 31-year-old real estate broker was labeled the "villain" by season one fans, presumably owing to her extremely professional persona whilst performing her high-pressure role at The Oppenheim Group.

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The Netflix show tracks Quinn and her fashionable female co-workers as they seek to sell some of the most exclusive mansions in Los Angeles, California, which of course, comes with some rivalry and tension along the way.

Quinn informs Fox News she was undisturbed by the villain tag, but acknowledged the filmmakers "can Frankenstein the s--t out of you." That's why she was trying to shoot a little differently this time around.

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The real estate broker explained:

"I'm a businesswoman all the way. I wanted to make sure in Season 1 that I was viewed seriously. But in Season 2, I approached it a little differently because I wanted people to see a different side of me, the softer side of me outside of the office."

Quinn secretly exchanged vows with businessman Christian Richard last year and claimed viewers would love a peek into that part of her personal life — something she admits has been lacking since the first season.

"This season is really, really different because we get really deep in season two. All of our drama in the office and outside of the office and I think you're going to see much more relationships blossom and also some that get destroyed," Quinn chuckled.

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A new season means more excitement, and Quinn has assured us this forthcoming season, which airs Friday, won't be a disappointment.

"You're going to see new friendships formed for sure and old friendships, bon voyage!" Quinn suggested, mentioning the long-lasting relationship between the two members of the first season would be no longer there.

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