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Home net-worth Complete Breakdown of 'Bizaardvark' Star Ethan Wacker's Net Worth

Complete Breakdown of 'Bizaardvark' Star Ethan Wacker's Net Worth

Bran Published On Thu Mar 26 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 26 2020
Complete Breakdown of 'Bizaardvark' Star Ethan Wacker's Net Worth

17-year-old 'Bizaardvark' star, Ethan Wacker, is all set to rule over the entertainment industry in the upcoming generation. Find all the net worth details of the teenager. 

Ethan Wacker's massive success at the mere age of 17 might make you question yourself as well. The Hawaii-born actor rose to fame from his portrayal of Bernie Schotz on the hit Disney show, 'Bizaardvark.'

Wacker, still a teenager, started his career quite early and featured in shows like 'Undercover' and 'Miles from Tomorrowland.' Besides the on-screen career, he makes the full opportunity of the digital platform, with his personal YouTube channel with over 200k subscribers. 

How Much is Ethan Wacker's Net Worth?

The 17-year-old Ethan Wacker just embarked on his career, yet his bank balance speaks volumes. Specifically, he accumulated a staggering six-digit net worth of $800,000 as of 2020. While the primary source of his career undoubtedly is his acting, he adds further income through his YouTube channel.

Ethan Wacker in a white t-shirt poses for a photoshoot.

Ethan Wacker owns a six-figured net worth of $800,000 as of 2020.
Photo Source: Ethan Wacker's Instagram

With a strong reputation made from Disney's 'Bizaardvark', Ethan Wacker makes more than $39.40, the average salary of an actor in the United States. He started his acting career in 2013 and consistently worked a way to reach the very top. Surprisingly, the actor contributed with voice roles in Disney plus's 'Miles From Tomorrowland.'

Ethan Wacker Made Fame and Fortune from Bizaardvark

If it weren't for Ethan Wacker's appearance in Disney's 'Bizaardvark', we would probably be unaware of such a talented gem. He displayed his versatile acting skills playing the starring role of Bernie in the show. Wacker, who once dated Olivia Rodrigo, his co-star at the Disney show, not just made a name for himself, but also amassed significant wealth from it.

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Well, the 17-year-old doesn't have to stress about getting a job, as he made a big fortune from the three-seasoned 'Bizaardvark'. According to the reports, he earned $375,000 from the first two seasons of the show, making his pay of $8928.5 per episode. Since he was the main cast, he was also in the third season, which undoubtedly boosted his income furthermore. 

Ethan Wacker working out in a gym.

Ethan Wacker gets $500 for every public appearance he makes for Disney.
Photo Source: Ethan Wacker's Instagram

Ethan signed a contract with Disney, which also obliges him to play in a potential 'Bizaardvark' movie. Interestingly, if the film were ever made, he would earn $150,000. The teenager takes paychecks worth $500 for every public appearance he makes on behalf of the show or Disney. What else would you want as a young actor than that?

Ethan Wacker Has Over 200K Subscribers

Ethan Wacker in a blue-white t-shirt poses in his car.

Ethan Wacker has around 249k subscribers in his YouTube channel.
Photo Source: Ethan Wacker, Instagram

The 'Bizaardvark' actor widened both his resume and fan following, posting exciting content on his YouTube channel. He has around 249,000 followers on his YouTube channel. 

Watch: Ethan WackerPlays Basketball with NBA's Golden State Warriors.

The digital source has been a proven way for many youngsters to earn money in the current generation. Although the actor isn't active like he used to be a year ago, he still makes around $600 annually from the digital side.

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One of his most popular videos is the one, where he lived a dream of many by playing basketball with NBA side, Golden State Warriors, and his personal favorite Stephen Curry. Moreover, the variety of his videos include the ones here he meets pro bowlers, plays Fortnite, etc.

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