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How Rich Is Hwasa? Her Net Worth as of 2021

bbk Published On Sun Aug 29 2021   Modified On Tue May 24 2022
How Rich Is Hwasa? Her Net Worth as of 2021

Learn All The Details on Hwasa's Net Worth and Earnings in 2021!

If you are in love with K-pop or one who follows the Korean Girl's band Mamamoo, you must be familiar with the name Hwasa. She is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer, actress, model, and television personality.

The 5' 4" tall singer was rumored to be in a relationship with BTS star Jimin, but the stars haven't accepted the words. In one of her interviews, Hwasa revealed that she had a crush on Italian actor Michele Morrone, and she was dating him in her imagination.

Hwasa is liked by almost all the K-Pop fans around the globe. There are a lot of unaddressed questions related to the musician that her fans might wonder about. One of which is Hwasa's net worth and earnings, which we will discuss in this article.

What is Hwasa's Net Worth in 2022?

There is no doubt that the Korean singer and music composer is a millionaire. Hwasa, 26, who has given seven years of her life to the K-Pop industry, successfully accumulated a net worth of $6.22 million, as per Net Worth Post.

Hwasa has a net worth of $6.22 million.

Hwasa has a net worth of $6.22 million.
Photo Source: Instagram

Hwasa earns through her concerts and live shows. The singer might collect around $17,000 per show, which an average K-Pop star makes through the concert. The yearly earnings of Mamamoo members are $1.24 million.

Hwa Sa - Maria

The Korean singer also releases her solo songs, which helps her boost her bank account. The solo projects allow her to earn around $10,000. There is a myth that the Korean singer makes a lot of bank balance. However, Cheat Sheet shows that they don't make much compared to what audiences think.

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Like most celebrities, Hwasa also makes her earnings from social media posts. The singer rumored of plastic surgery makes around $10,000 per paid social media post. 

Hwasa Properties: Cars and Houses

According to K Pop Map, Hwasa owns a luxurious house worth $2.3 million in Korea. The house has a well-furnished and spaced living room. A well-modernized kitchen and a mini terrace so that the singer can have her coffee in an open space.

Hwasa owns a Volvo XC40 car.

Hwasa owns a Volvo XC40 car.
Photo Source: Twitter

The Mamamoo singer has not revealed the location as she had to move from Jangan-dong as her privacy was leaked. Hwasa changed house after many fans started waiting in front of her home, and she felt that her privacy was hindered.

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Hwasa owns a luxury SUV car from the famous car company Volvo. The model of the car is Volvo XC40, which costs around $34,000 at today's market price.

Hwasa's Group Mamamoo is Worth $10.56 Million

Mamamoo is one of the most popular groups of female singers in South Korea. As we already know, Hwasa is an important part of the group formed in 2014 by Rainbow Bridge World, a Korean entertainment company.

Hwasa is the richest member of Mamamoo.

Hwasa is the richest member of Mamamoo.
Photo Source: Instagram

The group makes an estimated earning of $2.64 million every year, and they have a total net worth of $10.53 million. Hwasa is the richest among the four members of the group.

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