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Home lifestyle Is Hwasa Dating Anyone in 2021? Find Details on Her Boyfriend Here (Update 2022)

Is Hwasa Dating Anyone in 2021? Find Details on Her Boyfriend Here (Update 2022)

bbk Published On Tue Aug 31 2021   Modified On Wed Apr 20 2022
Is Hwasa Dating Anyone in 2021? Find Details on Her Boyfriend Here (Update 2022)

Learn All The Details On Hwasa's Boyfriend And Relationship Here!

The name Hwasa might not be new to you if you are the one who is in love with K-Pop or follow the South Korean girls' group Mamamoo. Indeed, she is one of the members of the band Mamamoo. Besides her musical career, she is also an actress and model.

Hwasa is the richest member of her group, Mamamoo. The music composer is a millionaire and holds a net worth of $6.2 million. She earns around $1.24 million annually, and the K-pop artist charges around $17,000 for performing in a concert.

The 26-year-old singer has a huge fan following not only in Korea but all over the globe, and over 6.5 million people on Instagram follow her. As most of her fans might be interested in knowing about her love life, let us discuss that here.

Is Mamamoo's Hwasa Dating Anyone?

There are no official confirmations about Hwasa's romantic relationship. Further, according to Dating Celebs, Mamamoo members are not dating anyone. So, it's safe to say that Hwasa is single in 2022.

Hwasa is not dating anyone in 2021.

Hwasa is not dating anyone in 2022.
Photo Source: Instagram

Being single doesn't mean that she has no past relationships. Hwasa herself has mentioned some of the interesting details of her previous encounters. The singer has currently taken a break from her love life.

Who Has Hwasa Dated?

5' 4" tall singer revealed that she was in a relationship with only one person in the past. Hwasa also said that many do not know the guy, and he kept rejecting the singer because he is not a public figure. However, she didn't reveal the name of her ex-boyfriend.

The first and only partner of the composer inspired her to write her hit song Twit. Hwasa said they were in a relationship for two and a half years.

Things between them fell apart after her boyfriend started showing different behavior than in the past. Eventually, the duo separated.

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Hwasa doesn't want to be in a relationship very soon because she feels that people's words hurt her. She wants to be with someone who can give her the pride and respect that anyone would expect from their partner.

Rumor On Hwasa and BTS' Jimin Bond?

Once, there was a rumor that Hwasa was dating one of the famous BTS stars, Jimin. According to HITC news, a user on Twitter alleged that a publication called Dispatch confirmed they are a thing.

Hwasa was rumored of dating BTS' Jimin.

Hwasa was rumored of dating BTS' Jimin.
Photo Source: Twitter

The user tweeted, "CONFIRMED Dispatch couples that to be revealed BTS Jimin & Mamamoo Hwasa Apink member (?) & MONSTA X Shownu NCT Jaehyun and (G)I-DLE Miyeon." However, there is no proof that something special is going on between the stars. 

K-Pop Star Hwasa Has Crush On Michele Morrone

In one of her interviews, Hwasa confessed that she had a crush on a foreign actor. She said that she knew a good guy and he was popular those days. The singer rumored on plastic surgery blushed and showed the picture of Michele Morrone. Who is he?

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Morrone is an Italian actor who was popular after his role as Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 Netflix drama 365 Days. Hwasa also said that she is dating the actor in her imagination.

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