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Home lifestyle Jenifer Lewis is Married- Who is her Husband? All Details on her Married Life

Jenifer Lewis is Married- Who is her Husband? All Details on her Married Life

rakshya Published On Tue May 31 2022   Modified On Tue May 31 2022
Jenifer Lewis is Married- Who is her Husband? All Details on her Married Life

Grab All The Details On Jenifer Lewis' Married Life With Us!!

Jenifer Jeanette Lewis, popularly renowned as Jenifer Lewis, is an accomplished American actress, singer, and comedian. She is a well-known name in the Hollywood industry. Lewis began her career when she was very young. Currently, she is garnering appreciation for her comedy TV show Black-ish on ABC. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.

The Proud Family, Meet The Browns, A Different World, The PJs, and there are many more TV shows she has played in. In her entire career, she has been able to work with many famous personalities, such as Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Further, she has also performed the song In These Streets with Brandy and Roz Ryan and web series called Jenifer Lewis And Shangela.

Lewis was born on January 25, 1957, in Kinloch, Missouri, the United States; she began her career working in Broadway musicals as well as a backup singer for Bette Midler. 5 feet 6 inches has also appeared in several movies such as Beaches, Sister Act, Poetic Justice, What’s Love Got to Do With It, The Preacher’s Wife, The Cookout, Think Like A Man and many more. Let us know more about Jenifer Lewis' married life with us!

Who is Jenifer Lewis' Husband?

Jenifer Lewis is married to a retired US Marine sergeant Arnold Byrd. She tied the knot with her husband back in 2012. 

Jenifer Lewis with her husband Arnold Byrd.

Jenifer Lewis with her spouse Arnold Byrd.
Image Source: Dicy Trends

Apart from his military service, the couple has not disclosed any information about Byrd. The pair adopted a daughter named Charmaine Lewis, who now seems to have a film career. 

Some of Lewis and Byrd's renowned movies are Stranger and Instagram is a Liar. Jenifer had also written a couple of books, such as The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir and Walking in My Joy: In These Streets

In an interview with News4UOnline, she stated some clues about her love life “I am so in love and so happy. He’s tall, dark and handsome. He’s intelligent. He’s the father of three children. So he has lived. He has a life, and he doesn’t have to borrow mine. I found myself a grown man-a grown man who was looking for an adult relationship. I am one of the most fortunate women in the world."

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Also, the 65 years old of age lady spoke about having bipolar disorder and battling against mental illness “When I have the opportunity to use the media to encourage people to get treatment for mental illness, I do. Bipolar disorder is like high blood pressure or lupus or sickle cell or cancer or any other disease. It is a disorder. It is treatable. One can be led to water, but one cannot be made to drink. You have to want to feel better about your life. You have to want to get help."

A Different World Actress Jenifer Lewis Past Relationships

Jenifer Lewis is a strong personality who is well known to almost anyone in Hollywood. Although her entire career is like an open book to the world, information regarding her personal life is not disclosed in the media. 

Jenifer Lewis is currently 65 years old of age.

Jenifer Lewis has worked in Black-ish.
Image Source: Instagram

However, in 2017, Lewis released a statement where she filed a lawsuit against her ex-partner Tony Wilson aka Brice Carrington and his former employer LA Fitness in Los Angeles Superior Court. 

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“On September 11, 2015, only hours before my mother passed away, I learned that the man I planned to build a life with was a convicted felon and con artist whose criminal career spans more than 25 years,” Jenifer Lewis stated the statement in her Facebook page. 

Further, she added, “This man, whose name is Tony Wilson, had been sentenced in 2010 to four years in federal prison for conning investors out of $4 million and was currently out on parole.”

The ex-couple met in 2015 when Tony Wilson was working as a manager at LA fitness. “He listened to every interview I’d ever done. He saw me working out in LA Fitness and researched me. And the first thing he said was, ‘I like your hair.’ I found that very interesting. But he knew that I had been promoting natural hair. He’d read everything about me,” as per Lewis. 

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Further, she explained how she got cheated. I agreed to invest in his business. He said he had this invention, and this was the same fake invention that he had gone to jail for,” Lewis says, referring to Wilson’s aka Carrington’s four-year federal prison sentence for fraud. “I went on to invest in a future with him and his business.”

“Make no mistake this is probably one of the most painful things to happen,” she admitted about her ex-lover. Still, Lewis does not seem to be ashamed of what he did to her.

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