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Home lifestyle Kacey Alexander Gaulden Dad: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Kacey Alexander Gaulden Dad: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Anjan Published On Thu Feb 25 2021   Modified On Tue Mar 15 2022
Kacey Alexander Gaulden Dad: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Here's all you need to know about Kavey Alexander Gaulden's Dad.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden is the fifth child of famous rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, famously known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again (formerly NBA YoungBoy). 

YoungBoy NBA is not a new name in the world of rap music and has been on the top charts following almost every album release. 

He released the song 'Life Before Fame' in 2015, which is quite in conjunction with how he rose to fame after the release and has gained a cult-like following since then.

NBA YoungBoy Was Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

YoungBoy appears in a mugshot, wearing a black t-shirt

YoungBoy NBA appears in a mugshot

YoungBoy was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in October 1999 and had his upbringing with his grandmother and absent father, who was sentenced to 55 years in prison. 

As a kid, he sustained a neck injury and had to wear a head brace for a long time, leaving a permanent mark on his forehead. 

He dropped out of school at 9th grade to pursue his music career, which was not a smooth road. As a teenager, he was arrested and sent to six-month juvenile detention, from where he wrote and released a song, which kick-started his career in the music world.

NBA YoungBoy Began His Career at the Age of 17

At the age of 17, he released ‘38 Baby’, a mixtape along with Kevin Gates and Lil Snupe, and following the release, he was arrested in Texas with the charge of attempted first-degree murder in a drive-by shooting at his hometown. 

NBA YoungBoy began his music career at the age of 17.

NBA YoungBoy began his music career at the age of 17.
Source: Instagram

He was released in May of 2017 after posting bail with a plea deal, and subsequently, his song 'Untouchable' hit 95th rank on 'Billboard Hot 100 Charts'. His mixtape 'AI Youngboy,' released in August 2017, was more successful and was ranked 24th in 200 Album Charts. 

The young rapper didn't show any sign of taking a break as he signed a deal with Atlantic Records, a significant player of the music industry in the US. It released his single 'Outside' in January 2018, which was in 31st rank in Billboard Hot 100 Charts. 

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He was arrested again following the release of 'Outside' under domestic violence charges, which involved assaulting a woman. 

The rapper released more mixtapes until late 2018, which included 'The Day of Judgement' and series of four EPs - 4Respect, 4Freedom, 4Loyalty, and 4Whatisimportant. The rush of releasing albums nearly halted in 2019, after the release of ‘Bandit’ featuring Juice WRLD as he died of a seizure in 2019, and was his last record with the artist. 

He has released a number of other albums, significant of which is ‘AI YoungBoy 2’ and received a Platinum Award in 2020.

NBA YoungBoy Holds a Massive Net Worth

As of 2021, YoungBoy is estimated to be worth $6 million, which he earned from his back-to-back success in the music industry in a short period of time.

YounBoy Has Faces a Few Criminal Charges

The young rapper has never been far from the world of criminal life. He was arrested multiple times for minor charges of assault and robbery. 

The singer was arrested in 2016 with suspected involvement in the attempted first-degree murder in Baton Rouge, a charge of domestic violence in 2018, and a public shooting in Miami.

He was arrested in Baton Rouge for illegal drug charges and stolen firearms possession in September 2020.

NBA YoungBoy is a Married Man

Yaya Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy are currently married.

Yaya Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy are currently married.
Source: Instagram

He dated the Instagram model Jania Bania back in 2018, the mother of Kacey Gaulden. Afterward, he dated the Texan rapper Young Lyric and is now married to Yaya Mayweather, 20, the daughter of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and has a child together, Kentrell Jr. 

NBA Youngboy Wife Yaya Mayweather 

He is a father of five more kids - Kamiri, Kayden, Kamron, Taylin, and Kacey Gaulden.

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Given that the rapper is in his early 20s, the fact that he is married and has seven children. However, the proceeding on the latest arrest is still pending; it is possible that the charges against him will be dropped, and he will be on the way to surprise the fans with another creation.

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