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Home lifestyle Who is Kyle Kuzma Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Detail

Who is Kyle Kuzma Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Detail

Eric Published On Wed Feb 17 2021   Modified On Thu Mar 24 2022
Who is Kyle Kuzma Girlfriend in 2021? Here's the Detail

Find out who the NBA player Kyle Kuzma is dating in 2021.

Kyle Alexander Kuzma, popular as Kyle Kuzma, is one of the most talented American professional basketball forward who has bagged an NBA Championship title to his name in 2020. 

Kyle has played over 230 matches for the LA Lakers, in which he started 114 of them. He also got the chance to play alongside reputed star players like Anthony Davis and Lebron James in the NBA Champion match in 2020. As of now, he holds a staggering net worth of $3 million.

Kyle Kuzma has gained the attention of all the scouts following an impressive run at college basketball for Utah Utes. He has not only gathered the attention of scouts, but a lot of people are also getting interested in his love life. Below we have gathered some information regarding his relationship and romantic life.

Who is Kyle Kuzma's Girlfriend in 2021?

As of 2021, Kyle Kuzma is dating Canadian Fashion Model and public spokesperson on the skin condition Winnie Harlow. Kyle spent his entire lockdown caused by the COVID-19 with his new girlfriend, Harlow.

Kyle Kuzma is not only known for his basketball plays. he is also known for dating many celebrities. Nowadays he is dating winnie harlow.

Kyle Kuzma started dating Winnie Harlow in 2020.
Photo Source: Instagram

When the newly formed couple started going out, they were extremely active on their social media. They often posted cute videos of working out together and having fun.

Kyle Kuzma and Winnie wished each other at valentine day with sweet caption

Winnie Harlow made an Instagram post on Feb 2021 to wish Valentine's day to Kyle Kuzma.
Photo Source: Instagram

The NBA player wished for Valentine's day on Feb 14, 2021, with a beautiful caption on Instagram to Winnie, and Winnie also wished Kyle on Valentine's Day with a sweet caption.

Winnie Harlow is a renowned model herself who gathers over 8.4 million followers on Instagram (@winnieharlow). Some of the top celebrities also follow her on Instagram.

Kyle Kuzma was in a Relationship with Model Katya Elise Henry Before William Harlow

Before dating William Harlow, the NBA player Kyle, 25, was in a relationship with the model, Katya Elise Henry. Katya Elise Henry and Kuzma actually dated for several months before parting away.

After breaking up with Kyle Kuzma Katya is currently dating Miami heat's sharpshooter  Tyler Herro

Kyle Kuzma's ex-girlfriend Katya Elise Henry is currently dating Tyler Herro.
Photo Source: Twitter

However, the couple didn’t end on good terms, and she’s taken a couple of shots at him ever since, even claiming ‘he couldn’t handle her.’

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Elise Henry was Kuzma’s first known girlfriend since becoming an NBA player, but It seems she is now dating the Miami Heat’s sharpshooting rookie Tyler Herro.

Henry made a  social media post when Miami Heat won a thrilling game 5, with a caption, 'YALL THOUGHT' on 2020. The tweet was enough to offend the Lakers fans. 

After the post, Lakers fans showed no mercy to the celebrity girlfriend as they attacked her with numerous trolls and memes. Later she turned her Twitter account to private.

What's New on Kyle Kuzma as of 2022?

If we talk about Kyle Kuzma's love life, nothing new is going on in that part of his life. Yes, everything is going well in his romantic relationship with his girlfriend Harlow. However, if we focus on Kuzma's career, there is something to update. 

The NBA star no longer plays for the Lakers as of 2022. He was traded to the Washington Wizards. Kuzma signed the contract with his new team on August 6, 2021. Although Kuzma is in a new environment, he is doing fine. 

Kyle Kuzma is Roasted For Wearing Oversized Pink Sweater To Wizards Game

Talking about what's new on Kyle Kuzma, he was recently roasted for wearing an oversized pink sweater. Yes, that happened.

Kyle is roasted for wearing an oversized pink sweater.Photo Source: Instagram

Kyle is roasted for wearing an oversized pink sweater.
Photo Source: Instagram

According to Daily Mail, Kyle wore a "ridiculously" oversized sweater to the Wizards game, and the NBA star looks weren't appreciated by the viewers. Further, the site also mentioned that his pink sweater cost him $1,700.

Although many didn't like Kyle's long sleeves pink sweater look, there were some who think it was good. As per GQ, Kyle's giant sweater is actually good.

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