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Bhad Bhabie Tattoos - How Many Does She Have?

Alizeh Published On Mon Jan 13 2020   Modified On Mon Jan 13 2020
Bhad Bhabie Tattoos - How Many Does She Have?

The Dr. Phil fame Danielle Bergoli aka Bhad Bhabie's known for her wild and intimidating persona. The rapper has customized her look to fit into the mainstream rapper look, with the hood language, the 'black girl' look, and tattoos all over her body. 

danielle in a neon body suit with slick back red hair and tattoos on her arms

Danielle Bergoli tattoos.
Source: Viralvoice

Even though the legal age for getting a tattoo in America is 18 years old, but Danielle being 16 has had multiple tattoos inked on her body.

Up until now the rapper's got 16 tattoos that we know of. Let's look into what they are and what they mean to Bergoli 

'B' Tattoo 

bergoli's left hand with the B tattoo in between her hand

Danielle's B tattoo. 
Source: bodyartguru 

The letter "B" is inked on the left side of Bregoli's right ring finger. The B stands for Barbara, Danielle's mother.

Zandalee Tattoo

danielles zandalee tattoo on her finger

Zandalee tattoo.
Source: Stealherstyle

The word "Zandalee" is tattooed on the outer side of Bregoli's left ring finger. The tattoo is the name of Danielle's ex best-friend Zandalee.

Heart-shaped Tattoo

heart shaped tattoo on danielle's left hand

Danielle's Heart shaped tattoo.
Source: bodyartguru  

A little black heart inked on the knuckle of her left hand. Heart tattoos generally represent a multitude of things. When it comes to religion, heart tattoos usually represent the Christian symbol of a sacred heart.

'F' Tattoo

danielle with her middle finger up

Danielle's F tattoo 
Source: stealherstyle

The letter F is tattooed on the side of the rapper's right index finger. The F stands for Frank, Bregoli's grandfather, who she is very close to.

'Loyalty' Tattoo 

The word "Loyalty" was Danielle Bregoli's very first tattoo. She got that very tattoo at only 12 years old, was handwritten on her foot, and looked rather sloppy and childish.

danielle with her arms on her waist

Danielle's Loyalty Tattoo 
Source: stealherstyle 

She replaced it with a new "Loyalty" tattoo on her right forearm as part of a significant tattoo session in August 2018. This time she had the word written in a clean script font with a butterfly next to it.

Josephine Tattoo

josephine tatted on the back of her right leg

Josephine tattoo 
Source: Stealherstyle

The name "Josephine" is inked vertically just above the rapper's right heel. Josephine is the name of Bregoli's great grandmother.

1921 Tattoo

bergolis 1921 tattoo on her right foot

1921 Tattoo 
Source: pinterest

The numbers 1921 are inked just above the rapper's right ankle. The number 1921 completes the Josephine tattoo just beside it. 1921 is the birth year of her Great Grandmother, Josephine.

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'Family First' Tattoo

bergoli showing her family first tattoo on her left arm

Family first tattoo.
Source: spotern

There is a large rose and below it, the words, "Family First" inked on Bregoli's right shoulder. Even though she has a disrespectful wild child person on screen, Bergoli values her family.

The Flower and DB Tattoo

the rappers initials DB encase a flower

DB Tattoo.
Source: bodyartguru

The rapper's right wrist sports a flower tattoo with her initials DB written encasing it. Danielle Bregoli showed off this new tattoo on her left wrist in August 2018 with the caption, "A bond that can never be broken."

Rose Tattoo

danielles rose tattoo on the innerside of her right leg

Rose tattoo.
Source: stealherstyle

There's a tattoo of a rose on the inner side of Bregoli's right ankle. Rose tattoo is The beauty of this flower that expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. It is contrasted by thorns symbolizing defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

Numb Tattoo

bergoli with her numb tattoo on snapchat

Numb with 3 dots tattoo.
Source: Pinterest

The word Numb with 3 Dots is inked on the inner side of Bregoli's right forearm. The symbol is a tribute to XXXTentacion, who was murdered in June. Bergoli was very close to X, and his death was callous for Bergoli to handle.

Playboy Bunny Tattoo

danielle with her playboy bunny tattoo

Playboy bunny tattoo. 
Source: stealherstyle

There's a playboy bunny inked on Danielle's left wrist. This tattoo is worn by people choosing it as a reference to themselves as "players."

Cherub Tattoo

cherub tattoo on her right arm

The cherub Tattoo.
Source: stealherstyle

There's a massive tattoo of a Cherub with a Cross on the outside of Bregoli's left forearm. The emblem represents a baby angel; A Cherub is a symbol of innocence, love, and a link between heaven and earth.

Butterflies Tattoo

bergoli on the pool side showing her butterfly tattoo on her right arm

Butterflies tattoo
Source: inkedmag

Danielle has three dark shaded butterflies on her right forearm. Butterflies symbolize freedom, beauty, and change, and are often chosen to represent a period of transformation in a woman's life.

Lillies Tattoo

danielle on the couch showing her lilly tattoo on her feet

Lilly tattoo.
Source: bodyartguru

There are three Lily flowers inked on the outer side of her right foot. It is a cover-up of the Loyalty tattoo she used to have.

NBA Tattoo

Earlier in 2019, the 16-year-old rapper was spotted with some new ink on her wrist that reads “Kentrell” which is Youngboy’s first name. At first, Bhad Bhabie, whose real name is Danielle Bregoli, denied that the tattoo was in honor of the Never Broke Again rapper, but she later came clean about it. 

kentrell tatted on her hand

Kentrell tattoo 
Source: inkedmag 

Bhad Bhabie has always been very defensive about her relationship with NBA Youngboy. Though they’ve never admitted to being an official couple, Bhabie often found herself being extremely dubious about the subject.

The rapper at the age of 16 has multiple tattoos; we can only imagine how many more she has planned to get. But she sure looks great with all those tattoos, reflecting her 'Baddie' persona.

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