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Bhad Bhabie Plastic Surgery - The Untold Truth

Alizeh Published On Wed Jan 08 2020   Modified On Mon Apr 11 2022
Bhad Bhabie Plastic Surgery - The Untold Truth

The 16-year-old rapper Danielle Bergoli aka Bhad Bhabie's been making headlines with her fierce personality and beefing with multiple people in the industry. The rapper first appeared on the Dr. Phil show in the year 2016 when she was 13 years old, Bergoli took the internet by storm when she said the phrase "cash me outside how bow dah" which is still talked about.

bergoli in a neon body suit, sleek back red hair and nide makeup

Danielle Bergoli's Photoshoot 

Recently people have speculated the rapper of going under the knife. 

Did Bhad Bhabie Get Plastic Surgery?

For her entire career, Bhad Bhabie has faced criticisms from all corners of the world. Recently, her haters have taken issue with her look, which has evolved considerably in the last year. The 16-year-old had her big break being interviewed by Dr. Phil.

danielle in year 2016 dr phile and 2018

Evolution of Bhad Bhabie 
Source: Youtube 

After she became an internet sensation from one meme, using it to bolster her money-making ways and becoming a millionaire through music and her entrepreneurial ventures. 
Bhabie's detractors love to come after her voice (which some say mimics that of black women) and her hair, box braids for a couple of months.

bergoli in white copped tank top black leggings and red raid

Bergoli's Instagram post 
Source: Instagram

Being accused of having plastic surgery, the social media star clapped back at her haters and explained exactly why she looks a little different than she did last year.

It's Just Puberty

Puberty usually occurs in girls between the ages of 10 and 14, since Danielle is now 16 years old, some of her features are bound to change which people tend to forget. The internet's been buzzing about 16-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie's change in appearance lately.

bergoli's instagram story speaking up on the surgery rumor

Danielle Bergoli's Instagram Story 
Source: Instagram 

After being accused of going under the knife to enhance her features, Bergoli's fans started noticing how her features have evolved speedily over the last year.

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The rapper did not hold back to state the truth, Bhad Bhabie shut down the rumors in an Instagram story. "I think a lot of y'all forget I'm getting older, so I'm gonna start looking different," Bhabie wrote.

Watch: Fan breaking down Bhad Bhabie's features 

While some fans accepted that it's just puberty and even knocked themselves upside the head, thinking, "oh yeah, she's a teen, of course, its puberty," others were not so convinced. 

danielle with brown hair on dr phile, right bergoli with red hair fixed teeth

Bhad Bhabie Before and after Dr. Phil
Source: Pagesix

Some social media users have expressed that they believe Bhad Bhabie just denies it like she does everything.

Some of the drastic change in her features keeps fans from believing it's only puberty.

Body Augmentation: Porcelain Veneer

Bhad Bhabie did go through an augmentation process, of which she was very vocal about to people. The rapper wasn't pleased with her teeth because of which she kicked off 2019 by getting porcelain veneers.

The young rapper went to Aamir Wahab, who runs the practice Unforgettable Smile in Beverly Hills, also posted about his patient, writing, "@bhadbhabie stopped by for a new grill by Dr. Aamir Wahab."

Danielle Bergoli with dentist Aamir Wahab
Source: dailymail

A video posted in Bergoli's Instagram, she is lip-syncing to one of her songs while her new, bright-white, perfectly straight teeth are on display. "New Year new music new teeth thx to my favorite dds bich @draamirwahab," she wrote in the caption, adding "u the f***in best dentist in the world."

on the left danielle wihtout teeth veneers. right side danielle with teeth veneers, straight white teeth

Danielle before and after teeth Veneers
Source: Hollywoodunlocked

TMZ reports that the procedure required two four-hour sessions and $40,000. Based on videos posted by Wahab of other patients, it appears the appointments may have involved filing down Bregoli's natural teeth to then secure porcelain teeth over them.

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Bhad Bhabie explained her decision to pay for the expensive veneers and revealed how she was insecure about her original uneven teeth.

danielle in a black and white 80s setup with her reel life family

Bhad Bhabie scene from Gucci flip flops music video 
Source: Youtube 

Apart from her teeth, fans speculate the Gucci flip-flops rapper's gone through other body augmentation process like her fuller lips, bigger breasts. 
Bergoli's shut down all the claims made about her in terms of her getting any surgeries, the speculations have been false and the teenager is vocal about what she has to say to her haters.

How Old is Bhad Bhabie As of 2022?

As of 2022, Bhad Bhabie is 19-year-old. 

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