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Is There Any Truth to Famke Janssen's Plastic Surgery Rumors?

Sea Published On Mon Mar 16 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 06 2022
Is There Any Truth to Famke Janssen's Plastic Surgery Rumors?

What has she done to her face? When Famke Janssen was making frequent event appearances in 2019, people can't help but question her alleged new looks, because quite frankly, they hated it. It's like they saw her as a real-life 'X-Men' member.

You've seen her in dozens of movies, and even TV series. And as you grew up to those, it's obvious you want the Bondgirl back again. But despite age being just a number, there's not much one can do when their face is aging too.

Famke Janssen in a scene from X-Men.

Janssen was formidable in the X-Men franchise.
Photo Credit: Nels Israelson

Whatever discussion there is about Janssen's plastic surgery case, she hasn't openly said anything about it. But when her wrinkle-free, plumped-up cheeks were seen in public, people were mocking her for not even smiling properly.

The Criticisms Started in February 2019, The Laughter Lines Were Apparently Gone

The luscious hair and the perfect bone structure made for a really elegant smile; it was awesomely apparent in those movies before. But when Janssen was photographed walking out and about in the street of London in late February 2018, people were losing their minds.

"Line-free, pillowy complexion," Daily Mail described her face at the time. Meanwhile, the Italian site, Giornale, called her "The Superhero of Botox".

Famke Janssen walking out in the streets to meet a friend.

The unrecognizable face had many people talking.
Photo Credit: Zed Jameson, BackGrid

In days after the appearance, she also attended several red carpet events with the same face, but she was stunning nonetheless to her adoring fans.

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Daily Mail came back with another report in October 2018 regarding Janssen's wrinkle-free face. She appeared in the final episode of the BBC mini-series, 'The Capture', and viewers were surprised to find it hard to recognize her on the show. They shared their disbelief on Twitter.

Viewers were shocked at Famke Janssen's transformation in 'The Capture'.

Viewers were shocked at her transformation in 'The Capture'.
Photo Source: Nick Wall, BBC/Heyday Films

There were, of course, people who were gushing over her inclusion on the show, but the plastic surgery criticisms were overshadowing the praises. They were distraught at the change in her face from the natural beauty that they all adored her since her 'Golden Eye' Days.

"Is that Famke Jansen??? WTF has happened to her face, she looks well puffed and cannt move anything! No no no," one wrote. "Woah, Famke Janssen...more fillers than Subway," another one was stunned. "Why do such beautiful women do this to themselves?? Makes them look older than they actually are."

Famke Janssen during an appearance.

Still, admirers remain admirers.
Source: Instagram

"Oh s**t Famke's face and brows don't move anymore...Girl, what did you do?" another one wrote as the shock actually sent shockwaves throughout Twitter.

It also spawned a discussion on Reddit about how she used to be pretty.

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The Dutch actress had it all coming as no one could help but talk about her face during those months. Her eyes were more "catty" than usual, and she could barely smile or stretch the skin on her face. Everyone wanted that Bondgirl back again. She enjoys a net worth of $20 million.

She Actually Mentioned She Would Rather Step Behind the Camera Than Fight the Ageing Process

You'd have to go back to 2012 to find any statement from her about plastic surgery. She said she was refraining from going under the knife because she was terrified of "trips to the dermatologist or to the hospital".

Gravity will work against you. You can try to fight the process, but you're not going to win the battle. I'd rather focus on writing and directing than trips to the dermatologist or to the hospital, which frankly terrify me...

"There is something about plastic surgery that doesn't make people look younger. It just makes them look stranger," she said at the time.

Actors Famke Janssen and Liam Neeson attends the after party for the premiere of Open Road Films' "The Grey" on January 11, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Janssen actually said she'd be writing instead of acting with plastic surgery.
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

She wanted people to make the aging process look naturally graceful and that she was busier than ever to have any work done. Sure, 'Nip/Truck', as well as the whole 'X-Men' and 'Taken' franchises, was pretty demanding, and she did those ever so gracefully. But if she's opted to have had her face done, it was a little too much for people to handle. Still, as fans, we could accept her choice of change, but some things are best left unchanged.

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