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Frank Fritz Tattoos - How Many Does He Have?

Alizeh Published On Wed Jan 22 2020   Modified On Tue Jan 28 2020
Frank Fritz Tattoos - How Many Does He Have?

Frank Fritz – one of the co-hosts of the History Channel's popular American Pickers television show that originated in nearby LeClaire. Fritz is someone who is very much obsessive about collecting old and unusual stuff as it immensely interests him. 

Fritz worked as a fire and safety inspector for many years, but his passion remained for antiques and junks. He, along with his partner, Mike Wolfe, traveled from coast to coast to more than 200 American cities, salvaging the antiques and the vintage items and selling them. 

Frank Fritz new Tattoos 
Source: net worth buzz 

As he has maintained to keep his profile low. Apart from that, Frank Fritz is now in mid-forties with a net worth estimated to be around $3 million. Fritz is also known to be very much passionate about old motorbikes, cars, toys, and tattoos, etc.

Does Frank Fritz Have Tattoos?

Fritz - who recently underwent weight loss - got a tattoo from owner James Hawk at Hawk's Tattoos. Being a tattoo fanatic, he has multiple tattoos on his arms. The show host had tattoos on his left arm, however now he has full sleeve tattoos on both his arms after paying a visit to James Hawk.

fritz getting a tattoo from james in his parlour

Fritz getting Tattoo from James hawk 
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Fritz has remained low-key about himself; even though he is a well-known TV personality, there is not much information about him. The American Picker host does have full sleeve tattoos on both his arms, but we don't know the details about it. 

Franks Fritz Controversy 

The multimillionaire Fritz recently pleaded guilty to OWI following a July incident in which police say he drove the wrong way on Interstate 80 under the influence of Xanax and alcohol.

Fritz was stopped and arrested near the Walcott exit. He pled guilty to the charge after he was taken to the Scott County Jail.

frank frtiz with his two co host of american pickers

Frank Fritz on his show American Pickers
Source: country living 

The low-key personality, Frank was put under probation for a year and had to pay a fine of $625.00, excluding court costs. Additionally, Fritz was ordered to take a substance evaluation program. 

Watch: Rules of the show American Pickers 

He was given a field sobriety test and examined by a drug recognition expert at ISP District 12 headquarters, both of which he failed. 

Despite all the upheavals, however, 'American Pickers' appear to trust their cast members. Frank is still working for the show on its new season. At the moment, he is busy shooting the new season of American pickers with Mike Wolfe.

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