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Frank Fritz Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Heisenberg Published On Tue Jan 21 2020   Modified On Thu Dec 31 2020
Frank Fritz Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown

Here is the complete information on the net worth of Frank Fritz.

Frank Fritz is recognized for his part in the American reality television series 'American Pickers' alongside Mike Wolfe, which aired on the television channel History in 2010. He also took part in 'American Pickers: Best of' in 2017.

Frank Fritz starred in 'American Pickers' with Mike Wolfe.

Frank Fritz was involved in 'American Pickers,' along with Mike Wolfe.
Source: History

Frank's work does not only include reality shows. He voice-acted in the comedy animated television series 'American Dad' in 2017. Besides, Frank who is usually quite secretive also took up some minor roles in various other shows and documentaries.

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You must be wondering how much bank-balance Frank Fritz accumulated over the years from his career as an actor.

Here in this article, we provide you the complete and reliable details of the net worth of the American Pickers actor.

Net Worth of Frank Fritz

The recently slimmed-down Frank Fritz, from all the shows and documentaries he is involved in throughout the years, is the possessor of an estimated $4 million net worth.

Frank Fritz possesses a net worth of $4 million.

Frank Fritz holds an estimated net worth of $4 million.
Source: History

In the sections below, we break down his earnings from each of the series he is part of.

American Pickers (2010)

'American Pickers' is a reality show in which two antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz travel throughout the United States to find antique gold and buy them. They then resell the antiques to various clients or keep them for personal collection.

American Pickers Episode 1 Season 1 trailer

'American Pickers,' with the IMDb rating of 7.0, paid Frank Fritz an average of $300,000 per season while his co-star made a little more at $500,000 per season.

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American Pickers: Best Of (2017)

Frank and Mike returned to the show once again, named 'American Pickers: Best Of.' This version fared better than their earlier one and gained an IMDb rating of 7.2.

American Pickers: The Most Dangerous Toy Ever Made

Frank and Mike, with their increased salaries, respectively earned $700,000 and $500,000 from the show.

American Dad!

Frank Fritz, who's got multiple tattoos on his arm, also acted in a 2017 episode of the famous animated series 'American Dad.' In the episode named 'Family Plan,' he voiced acted a character in the series.

American Dad – Family Plan clip

For his part in the episode, American Dad! paid an amount of $1500 to Frank.

Combining all these amounts, along with his salaries from his minor roles in several other shows, constitute the total net worth of Frank Fritz.

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