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Home net-worth Meyers Leonard Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown of His Career Earnings

Meyers Leonard Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown of His Career Earnings

Bran Published On Tue Apr 14 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 29 2022
Meyers Leonard Net Worth — The Complete Breakdown of His Career Earnings

Here are the net worth details of NBA star Meyers Leonard, aka The Hammer.

Ever wondered how much a professional NBA player makes as a salary? Well, Meyers Patrick Leonard, from Virginia, was the Round 1 pick of the 2012 NBA draft by the Portland Trail Blazers. Being picked so early definitely speaks of the stature of a player Leonard is, and that is clearly one of the big reasons behind his enormous net worth and fame.

After a seven-year-long stay at the Portland Trail Blazers, the Power forward recently switched teams to the multiple-time champion, Miami Heat. Surprisingly, he earned more than 400 caps with the former franchisee, including the playoff matches, making him a hot property in the whole league. However, the veteran is yet to make much of an impact for the Heat because of his sprained left ankle and the Covid19 outbreak. 

Leonard Meyer: A Millionaire by Net Worth

Leonard Meyer owns a colossal sum of $50 million as net worth.

Leonard Meyer owns a colossal sum of $50 million as net worth.
Photo Source: Instagram

The talented NBA star, Leonard Meyer, amassed a colossal sum of fortune from his time at the highest level for almost a decade. Although he started his college career in Illinois, Meyer was good enough to create a strong show to get the attention of the NBA teams. Specifically, the 7-foot basketball player amasses a whopping net worth of $50 million, primarily from his sports career itself.

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With around 49 games already for the Heat, Leonard averaged a solid 6.1 points and 5.1 boards per game. Interestingly, he knew about his trade to Miami in the middle of an offseason workout. Even though he was shocked at first as it was his first-ever trade, there was equal excitement too because he knew how his new team was always interested in him.

I’m very excited to play for a coach and a staff, under Erik Spoelstra and a legendary guy running the organization such as Pat Riley.

The megastar is due to a staggering sum of $11.3 million in the final year of his contract in the upcoming season. In fact, he signed a hefty contract with the Blazers in 2016, worth $41 million for four years. To this date, the basketball star made around $41 million in player salaries and bonuses, thanks to his hard work, talent, and agents Aaron Mintz and Dave Spahn. Currently, he is the sixth highest-paid player in Miami, behind the likes of Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic.

Meyers Leonard Works As a Content Creator

Besides basketball, the veteran player, Meyers Leonard, spends his leisure time playing several video games such as 'Call of Duty' and 'Counter-Strike.' Surprisingly, he is a content creator at 'FaZe Clan,' a popular esports and entertainment organization. Whenever he gets time away from the matches and training, he sits in front of his computer and streams the video games on Twitch.

Meyers Leonard in the Miami jersey shaking hands with a teammate.

Meyers Leonard streams several video games on Twitch for FaZe Clan group.
Photo Source: Twitter

In recent times, amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Leonard passes the time in the quarantine by streaming and playing several video games for FaZe. Although he never gets to give full time to the esports firm, he takes paychecks worth $2,739 per day whenever he streams.

Leonard's House in South Florida

Meyers Leonard leased the house of Hassan Whiteside for nine months.

Meyers Leonard leased the house of Hassan Whiteside for nine months.
Photo Source: Insatgram

The July 2019 trade came as a shock to Meyers Leonard as it caught him off guard. The new journey to Miami meant he needed to relocate. Thus, the basketball star, with his wife went on house hunting at the rental market since it was the last year of the contract. The two were quite confused initially and almost pulled the trigger on two of those houses, but it was their complicated contract procedures that always pulled them out.

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Leonard, however, felt fortunate as he got connected with the friends of Hassan Whiteside, who, on the contrary, was traded by Miami to the Blazers for Leonard. The two basketball stars did communicate between them; kudos to their mutual, which gave Meyers a temporary solution to his housing problem.

Thus, he is now living in Whiteside's $7.3 million Miami Beach Home with his wife on a lease. Since Meyers trains at LA in the off-season, he signed a nine-month contract instead of a 12-month one. The lavish house comprises all modern-day amenities, including Hassan's empty fish tank. 

Meyers Leonard's Wife Elle Bielfeldt is Pregnant 

Meyers Leonard is married to his wife Elle Bielfeldt. The duo live a lavish lifestyle together.

Meyers Leonard's sweetheart Elle is pregnant.

Meyers' sweetheart Elle is pregnant.
Photo Source: Instagram

Talking about something new about the couple as of 2022, Meyers and Elle are about to welcomed their a child in their life. Yes, Meyers' betterhalf is pregnant and they will soon expand their family.   

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