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The Complete Love Story of Meyers Leonard and His Wife Elle Bielfeldt

Bran Published On Tue Apr 14 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 14 2020
The Complete Love Story of Meyers Leonard and His Wife Elle Bielfeldt

Here's the complete detail on the love story of NBA star, Meyers Leonard and his beloved Elle Bielfeldt.

Behind every successful man is a woman who supports him throughout all the hardships and sorrows. The case is same with NBA's Miami Heat power forward Meyers Leonard, who remains blissfully married with a wife, Elle Bielfeldt. The married couple remains on top of the NBA Wags as she often posts exciting videos with her beau on the internet that wins millions of hearts.

Well, with around eight years already in the NBA, the 28-year-old athlete is a star player at the Miami Heats. Following seven long years at Portland Blazers, he was traded at the new franchise in 2019, in the last year of his contract. Luckily, he shared the company with his adorable wife, Elle Bielfeldt. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into the romantic life of the megastar with his soulmate.

Meyers Leonard and Elle Leonard Were College Lovers

The love birds of Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt are the perfect couple with a classic story. Considering the fact that the two started dating since their college life at the University of Illinois, it is quite magical how the two have come so far. Born on January 15, 1992, Elle Bielfeldt was one of the four children of David Bielfeldt and Julie Bielfeldt. She grew up in Peoria, Illinois, with siblings, Max BielfeldtLydia Bielfeldt, and Julie Bielfeldt.

Meyers Leonard in a jeans jacket with wife Elle Bielfeldt.

Meyers Leonard tied the knot with entrepreneur Elle Bielfeldt in August, 2015.
Photo Source: Elle Leonard Instagram

Call it destiny or a coincidence, but Elle's family shared a long-running association with the University of Illinois. Surprisingly, her parents, grandparents, and uncle-aunts even attended the university and donated millions to the college's athletics program earlier on. Luckily, Meyers Leonard also joined the academic program in the same year, i.e., 2010. Despite the fact that he was mainly busy on the court playing, as a star player, he did catch the attention of everyone.

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Elle and Meyers met during the freshman year itself and couldn't care but notice one another. Leonard revealed how his future wife used to close friends to the girlfriend of a senior player, Mike Davis. Interestingly, the two studied together on a couple of occasions and interacted even more. Consequently, they started dating in the summer itself for a few years before pulling the trigger for a marriage.

Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt: Married in 2015

The celebrity couple of Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt is living the best versions of themselves in their married life. After dating for four years, they tied the knot in Oregon on August 2015. The proposal for the marriage came in one of the best ways possible as the NBA star proposed Elle in a family graduation party in front of her family and friends in May 2014. There is no doubt that it was the moment of life for the diva as she said 'yes' without a second thought.

Miami Heats star Meyers Leonard in a blue suit poses a phoot with wife Elle Leonard.

Meyers Leonard and Elle Bielfeldt are yet to welcome any children.
Photo Source: Elle Bielfeldt Instagram

Bielfeldt and Leonard did share many ups and downs in their journey to date, as they used to be in a long-distance relationship when Meyers joined Portland in his early years. However, the bond between themselves was strong enough to make everything work. Five years in, the duo are yet to welcome any children to start a family, but they might be planning something pretty soon.

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Surprisingly, Leonard's wife, Elle, is quite a talented basketball player herself. Although she never played professionally, she used to play consistently during high school. In fact, she even confessed how she wasn't good at the sport initially but got better after participating in a co-ed basketball camp with her brother and burnt the midnight oil to get better. Back in June 2019, Meyers tweeted a cute video where Elle scores several baskets in their house court. The video broke the internet for a while with numerous likes and retweets. 

Watch: Meyer Leonard's wife Elle Bielfeldt hitting double shots.

Elle and Leonard often train together in their leisure time to keep eachother fit. Likewise, the diva usually posts videos and pictures with her husband on her Instagram handle. 

Unlike most of the celebrity wives, Leonard doesn't limit herself to being a housewife. Moreover, she went on to start an entrepreneurial venture and founded Level Foods with husband Leonard. The firm aims to supply food supplies with proper nutrition and health benefits such as dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

Meyers Leonard and Wife Spending the Lockdown Together

Meyers Leonard and wife Elle Leonard pose a picture in front of a stadium.

Meyers Leonard and his wife Elle Bielfeldt live at a house in Miami.
Photo Source: Elle Bielfeldt Instagram

Since NBA is currently on lockdown, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the Miami Heat star Meyers Leonard is spending his time with his soulmate in their residence at Miami Beach home. Following the switch from Portland in 2019, the basketball star leased the lavish house of Hassan Whiteside for 9-months as it was the last year of his contract. 

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Bored in the quarantine period, Leonard and his spouse, surprisingly gave their phone numbers to their fans to interact and pass the time. Besides that, the 7-foot star also streams online games as a content creator for FaZe Clan regularly.

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