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Facts You Need to Know about Rick Pitino's Sons and Family

Bran Published On Mon Mar 16 2020   Modified On Mon Jun 27 2022
Facts You Need to Know about Rick Pitino's Sons and Family

Rick Pitino made a legacy out of his basketball coaching career; let's see how his personal life with wife and children goes by. 

After spending over four decades as a professional basketball coach, Rick Pitino made a name for himself and his family. Winning the NCAA Tournament twice in his career, he could have been identified as a legend in the sports field unless for the scandals and controversies he got into later on. 

Ever since Pitino started his career in Hawaii, he never had to look back. He further went on to manage Boston University, New York Knicks, and Providence as well, before an NBA ticket to the Boston Celtics. Similarly, he coached Louisville from 2001 until 2017 after getting into federal investigations that involved bribes to recruits. He enjoys a net worth of $45 million.

Alongside a resounding career, Rick Pitino enjoys a blissful personal life with a long-time wife, Joanne Minardi. The brand new basketball coach of Iona tied the knot with her in 1976 and became a father to five children shortly after. Stay with us to know some intriguing details about them.

Pitino: Father of Five

Rick Pitino experienced a personal milestone being a parent to five children with wife, Joanne Minardi in 1976. While four of them are sons, one is a daughter. Unfortunately, they lost one of their sons as an infant. 

Rick Pitino in a black coat holding her grand-daughter.

Rick Pitino is the father of five children including coach Richard Jr Pitino.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The five children of Pitino are named Michael PitinoChristopher PitinoRichard Jr PitinoRyan Pitino, and Jacqueline Pitino.

Pitino's Son Died at the Age of Six Months

Rick Pitino enjoyed a fair bit of success in his career and experienced many losses and shocks in the form of the scandals he got himself into. But, nothing else beats the sorrow he endured as he lost his son, Daniel Pitino, at the minor age of six-months.

Rick Pitino's son Daniel Pitino died as an infant.
Photo Source: New York Daily Times

Pitino and his wife faced the worst nightmare of every parent, losing their son due to congenital heart failure. However, they couldn't mourn forever, so the basketball coach established the Daniel Pitino Foundation in the memory of their departed child. To date, the foundation managed to raise over millions for children in need all over the world. 

Pitino's Brother-in-Law Died in the 9/11 Tragedy

Well, when the twin-tower fell on September 9, 2011, thousands of families lost their dear ones, including Rick Pitino. Sadly, his wife Joanne's brother, Billy Minardi, also lost his life in the tragic incident. 

"My wife and I always say that life will never be as good as when Billy was alive."

Rick Pinito caught on the camera while giving an interview.

Rick Pitino owns a staggering net worth of $45 million as of 2020.
Photo Source: Business Insider

Pitino's brother-in-law cum best friend, Billy, used to be a bond trader for Cantor Fitzgerald, working in the office that stood on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center. To honor the dead soul, he presented his Billy's widow, Mary Vogt, with his hall of fame jersey after winning the NCAA Championship in 2013.

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Like Father, Like Son: Richard Pitino Is Also A Coach and a Father-of-Three Himself

The legacy of Richard Pitino is so vast that it might be too big for his children to carry on their shoulders. However, his elder son Richard William Pitino looks to walk in the same road as he started his coaching journey with the College of Charleston in 2004.

Rick Pitino poses with his son Richard Pitino Jr at a basketball tournament.

Rick Pitino's son Richard Pitino Jr. is also a basketball coach.
Photo Source: Bleacher Report

After burning the midnight oil for long, as an assistant in teams like Louisville and Florida, Rick's son went on to become the Head Coach of Minnesota in 2013. Only a year later, he bagged the NIT Championship in 2014 and got himself the Big Ten Coach of the Year in 2017. 

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The 37-year-old makes a staggering salary of $2.19 million every year. He is a married man with wife Jill Urbanus Pitino, and shares three children with her. Only time will tell if the Pitino child could be as successful as his father, but he surely is on the right track as of now. 

Pitino and His Wife Were High-School Lovers

Rick Pitino and his wife Joanne Minardi lived the dream as they met during their high school days at St. Dominic's High School in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

Rick Pitino and his wife Joanne Minardi met during high school.
Photo Source: Glob Intel

After dating for quite a while, they tied the knot in 1976 and have been together ever since. There have been many ups and downs in their lives as Pinito was being extorted by women multiple times in their marital life. Despite everything, the two hold strong affiliation for one another, which keeps them together till today. The couple enters their forty-fourth marriage anniversary in 2020.

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