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Home net-worth Rosario Dawson Net Worth — The New 'Ahsoka Tano' Actress' Fortune Breakdown

Rosario Dawson Net Worth — The New 'Ahsoka Tano' Actress' Fortune Breakdown

Bran Published On Mon Mar 23 2020   Modified On Mon Mar 23 2020
Rosario Dawson Net Worth — The New 'Ahsoka Tano' Actress' Fortune Breakdown

Actress Rosario Dawson has been around entertaining us from her movies and TV shows for more than two decades now. Here are the details about her net worth status. 

Rosario Dawson has been media's favorite story, be it from her well-accomplished career or her political ties or a romantic relationship with Cory Booker. Known for her performances in 'Rent and Sin City', the 40-year-old could be identified as one of the best actresses Hollywood produced in the past years.

New York-born Rosario Dawson made her debut at the mere age of 16 in 1995's 'Kids,' and ever since, she's never had to look back. In her twenty-five year-long journey at acting and music, she's earned more than sixty television and filmography credits.

Dawson Is a Multi-Millionaire By Net Worth

The 40-year-old Rosario Dawson accumulated a staggering net worth of $16 million,as of 2020. The primary source of her soaring income value undoubtedly is her acting profession, which later expanded to music and video games. With all the experience, she gathers, she earns far more than $39.84 per hour, the average salary of an actress in America. 

Rosario Dawson in a lovely black dress caught on camera during an interview.

Rosario Dawson is a multi-millionaire by net worth.
Photo Source: The Cut

The 'Briarpatch' actress further expanded her portfolio with appearances in music videos. Not just that, she also contributed her voice to different video games like 'Dishonored 2' and 'NBA2K20'.

The mother of one enjoys a lavish lifestyle with her adopted daughter, Lola Dawson courtesy of all the midnight oil she burnt for all those years. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, Senate Cory Booker, owns around $3 million in net worth.

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The Bernie Sanders endorser from 2016, Dawson, is set to return to the screen as the cast member of 'The Mandalorian' in season two.

Rosario Dawson Lives in a Mansion Like House in CA

When you are a millionaire, you gotta live like one. Thus, actress Rosario Dawson does complete justice to her net worth as she resides in a large house in Los Angeles, California. She bought a mansion at the Marina del Rey for a colossal amount of $1.85 million in 2015.

Rosario Dawson's mansion at Los Angeles.

Rosario Dawson bought her house at Marina del Rey, CA for $1.85 million.
Photo Source: Virtual Globetrotting

Back when Dawson just started her career at 21, she moved her family to an abandoned building on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She and her divorced husband renovated everything to live there until she made it big. Rosario will never forget that part of her life since it was those little things that made her work hard to be a star-figure in the Hollywood today.

If you wanted something better, you had to do it all yourself.

Back in 2018, Dawson's former friend cum employee, Derek Finley, accused the actress and her mother of attacking, harassing, and misgendering him at the Dawson residence.

Rosario Dawson Remains Active into Philanthropy

Rosario Dawson in a white dress poses for a picture.

Rosario Dawson opened up as the member of LGBT community in February 2020.
Photo Source: Empire

Rosario Dawson is a television star by profession, but she isn't limited to just that. One way or another, she continues to serve for several noble and social charities such as Global Cool, the One Campaign, and the reputed Oxfam. Furthermore, she was also the spokesperson for TripAdvisor's CSR programs, National Geographic Society, and Save the Children.

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The 'Side Streets' actress is also a board member of V-Day, a foundation that raises funds for women's anti-violence groups. Similarly, she also supports 'Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays'. In fact, the diva broke the silence and publicly came out as a member of the LGBT community in February 2020.

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